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Zelensky makes surprise appearance at G7 to plead with West for jets as Rishi warns Putin ‘we won’t leave’

UKRANIAN President Zelensky is set to make a surprise appearance at the G7 this weekend begging the West to provide jets against Russia.

It came like Rishi Sunak tell the President Putin “we will not leave” and allies united in support Ukraine.

President Zelensky is seen hugging Rishi Sunak


President Zelensky is seen hugging Rishi Sunak

The war hero made a flashy diplomatic visit last week to European countries ahead of the summit.

He was pictured hugging the Prime Minister earlier this week as he made a secret trip to Checkers, following visits in Germany, France And Italy.

Rumor has it that Zelensky may make another surprise visit – this will be his first to Asia since the brutal invasion began.

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida invited him to participate online in G7 summit in Hiroshima, Japanese media reported.

Comment on the possibility of Zelensky’s trip to Japan“We will make the final decision depending on the situation on the battlefield,” said hor Zhovkva, deputy head of the President’s Office of Ukraine.

He can use the trip to try and attract countries like India more support for his war-torn nation.

And he pressed many times America for the F-16 jets he wants to target Russia in an expected upcoming spring attack.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister said on Friday that the Russian President needed to understand that Western allies were “steadfast” in supporting Volodymyr Zelensky’s resistance to the invasion.

He said: “My message to Putin is very direct. We will not leave each other.”

Mr. Sunak told Sky: “Russia needs to know that we and other countries remain steadfast in our determination to support Ukraine, not only here and now with the necessary resources to defend itself, but also in the long run. long.”

He added to ITV News: “They can’t outlast us in this conflict.

“One of the common topics of conversation that I will and have had with my fellow leaders is about the long-term security arrangements we have in Ukraine, aimed at preventing Russian aggression. Future.”

It came after he declared Britain and other countries G7 countries will ban Russian diamonds in a new wave of sanctions aimed at close friends of Putin.

We will also stop all imports of copper, aluminum and nickel originating from Russia.

Mr Sunak said he “hopes and believes” allies will follow – despite concerns from EU diamond countries, which have a large trade in Belgium.

Mr. Sunak will visit the ruins of the A-bomb dome with his Japanese counterpart, Fumio Kishida, today to reflect on the nuclear devastation in Second World War.

And he will also hold talks with the French President Macron on Saturday and Indian Prime Minister Modi on Sunday.

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