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Zach Shallcross’s ‘Bachelor’ Woman Bond for ‘Trauma’

by Zach Shallcross season of “Bachelor” is a messy one. Fans attacked the presenter for the way he approached certain things, which he agreed he could have handled better – especially Fantasy set week.

Despite fighting for the same guy, some of the women from last season have become incredibly close. They all hung out this past weekend for a “girls weekend” in Florida, bonding over the “trauma” they faced.

“Trauma Bond” Brings “Bachelor” Girls Together

The Women Who Came From Zach Shallcross's 'Bachelor' Season For 'Trauma'
Instagram | Bachelor

Zach Shallcross faced backlash for sending many women home, including Jess Girod and Mercedes Northup, who were sent home early.

Then he faced backlash for how he handled Fantasy Suite of the week. Entering Fantasy Suite week, Shallcrosss decided to come up with a “no sex” rule because he wanted to focus more on the emotional side of relationships than on the physical in an effort to not let things go. get messy a week before an engagement is possible.

However, things didn’t go as planned, as Shallcross broke his rules after admitting to sleeping with him. Gabi Elnicki. Not only did he break his powers, he then went on to “kiss and talk” as he opened up to host Jesse Palmer and another contestant, Kaity Biggar.

He then sent Ariel Frenkel home that same week, setting Bachelor Nation on fire.

Despite facing “trauma” on “The Bachelor”, Kaity Biggar, Gabi Elnicki, Ariel Frenkel, Jess Girod and Mercedes Northup remained close friends and spent the weekend in Florida together.

Frenkel shared a video of the girls hanging out, including Frenkel, Elnicki and Biggar, wearing the same colored beach dresses they wore at the infamous rose ceremony following Fantasy Suite week.

Frenkel captioned the video, “Injury link brought us here ♥️”, to which Northup replied: “Injuries stick with me forever and I’m grateful for that. I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH 🥰.”

Kaity Biggar shares weekend recap

'Bachelor' Girl Kaity Bigger And Gabi Elnicki Take A Bubble Bath
Instagram | Gabi Elnicki

Kaity Biggarwho eventually won Zach Shallcross when the two got engaged at the end of “The Bachelor” and are together to this day, also shared a video to Instagram from their Florida girls weekend.

The Reel shows various clips of the women from over the weekend, having fun and bonding.

“AND THAT IS A BABY ️🏝️ ,” she captioned the post.

Gabi Elnicki commented on the video, “Gum stain on baby Jess’s leg 😭😭,” as did Ariel Frenkel, who said, “Love this and YOU.” Jess Girod also commented, “Best weekend ever 😭.”

Other fans were supportive as well, loving the fact that the women remained friends after such a dramatic season. “Mature and healthy relationships of the cast this season > ,” said one fan, while another expressed, “I am so happy that all you went out together! I have noticed that many people in the past who have been engaged don’t seem to have the same relationship with the rest of the women and men you seem to have with these wonderful women. Nice to see you all are friends!”

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