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You can now play the Game Boy version of Halo: Combat Evolved

An indie studio called Crusader Games decided to create a Game Boy-like version of Halo: Evolutionary Combat. However, instead of calling it Halo Combat Evolved, the studio decided to have fun with it and call it Halo: Combat Devolved.

The game is made with software called GB Studio. The official website describes the software as a “fast and easy-to-use drag-and-drop classic game builder for your favorite handheld video game system.” Halo: Combat Devolved is playable on Game Boy Color, similaror directly from your web browser.

You will need to visit Their website to play this unofficial version of Halo. You can find an announcement from the developers on their website, which reads, “As a longtime fan of Halo: Combat Evolved, I’m crafting a faithful remake of the Game Boy Color using GB Studio.” Currently, the only playable level is Pillar of Autumn, but Crusader Games has stated that they “plan to continue adding levels to the project as time permits.”

You will also have the option to download ROM or .pocket files to play on other hardware. According to Crusader Games, downloading either game files actually results in a better experience due to “sound limitations with in-browser emulators.”

As for the gameplay itself, it’s pretty impressive. After you start the game, it loads, opens with a pixelated version of Master Chief, and jumps right into the game. The movements and actions of the game are like The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening, but instead of using Link’s trusty Master Sword, you’re using a gun. On top of that, an awesome 8-bit version of the original Halo song plays in the background as you play the game.

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