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Yellowjackets’ Warren Kole Worries Jeff Doesn’t Fit ‘Dark, Savage Shauna’

“Loyalty is a strong bond,” continued Warren Kole, “but he may have to start thinking about protecting his daughter and protecting himself to some extent. He doesn’t. can stop the darkness.”

Jeff’s fear has been fulfilled very evident in his recent nightmare where Shauna has an electric knife in her hand and is trying to kill him. It’s a broad, silly scene that the movie just skips because it never really takes Jeff as such a serious character. But while Jeff isn’t a super complicated man, the footage at least points to the central, compelling contradiction within him: he’s afraid of his wife, but that fear is also part of the appeal. guide. We appreciate Jeff’s decision to stand up for his wife under extreme pressure, but we also know that this was a bad decision for both him and his daughter.

After this latest episode, the foolishness of siding with Shauna is more evident than ever. Not only did Shauna engage in thought-provoking cannibalism as a teenager, but as an adult, she seriously considers returning to the sacrificial rituals that are said to have kept the group alive. left in the wilderness. If one of the party dies and things get better, that will only make it more likely that Shauna will kill again the next time things turn bleak.

However, we expect Jeff to stay faithful throughout the upcoming season 2 finale. He and his daughter Callie (Sarah Desjardins) have both proven themselves to be much cooler than they initially seem returned in season 1, and it would be a shame if something as small as murder resulted in one of them being dropped from the show. It would be wise for Jeff to initiate cooperation with the police, but for the sake of entertainment, let’s hope that fear of Shauna doesn’t come to him anytime soon.

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