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Yellowjackets S2 Episode 6 Coach Ben’s Dream World Has Fallen?

In “Yellowjackets” season 2, episode 6 – “Qui” – Ben’s delusions begin to crumble. He tries to run into it while Shauna (Sophie Nélisse) is in labor. Although he closed his eyes and closed his eyes, he still could not escape. The imaginary room he and Paul were in was located between the suburban living room and the bungalow; The left wall is the front door of the cabin and the back wall is the cabin fireplace interspersed with a bookshelf.

Does Ben’s hallucinogenic end foreshadow his own end? There are a few things I’m sure of in “Yellowjackets,” but the last Ben to die is one of them. He’s one of those 1996 characters that don’t appear in this day and age. Since he needs crutches to get around, it will also be difficult for him to fight back or run away if the girls are hungry again.

While an interview with TV Insider, Krueger points out that Ben can’t even see Natalie as a true ally — is their friendship headed for a rift? The loss of a figure of adult authority would be a necessary tipping point for Yellowjackets to become as barbaric as we glimpse in the pilot.

It’s easy to picture Ben dying and then his last thoughts of imaginary Paul disappearing forever. However, “Yellowjackets” is usually a zigzag show when you think it’s going to zigzag. Instead, perhaps Ben’s failed imagination will be the wake-up call he needs to live in the present moment and survive. We’ll have to wait and see.

New episodes of “Yellowjackets” air on Showtime every Friday and air on television every Sunday.

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