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Woman gave fatal silicone injection to Kardashian lookalike, DA says

Prosecutors say a Florida woman will be extradited to California this week to face charges related to the death of a social media model she injected with a buttock.

Vivian Alexandra Gomez, 50, was charged with involuntary manslaughter and practicing medicine without a valid license, resulting in the death of another person, San Mateo County said. Atty. Steve Wagstaffe.

Gomez flew to San Francisco International Airport on April 19 to meet Christina Ashten Gourkani, a Kim Kardashian-like social media model and resident who has racked up millions of views on several of her videos. her on TikTok, Instagram, YouTube and OnlyFans.

Wagstaffe said Gourkani found Gomez online and contacted her to find a way to get silicone injections to increase the size of her butt.

Gorkani and her boyfriend met Gomez at a Marriott hotel in Burlingame to check in.

At the hotel, Wagstaffe said, Gourkani was injected with at least twice what is believed to be silicone into the gluteal muscle. However, soon after the injection, she began to fall into a state of distress, including convulsions.

Gourkani’s boyfriend called 911 and she was taken to a nearby hospital. She died the next day.

Follow her model websiteafter Gourkani started her career as a fitness model, she was recognized by social media as having a Kardashian-like appearance, causing some of her videos to go viral.

According to the site, on April 20, she died “after complications from plastic surgery”.

Her family said in a statement that she The death has been investigated by the police as a homicide, which involved a “medical procedure that got worse.”

Wagstaffe said an autopsy determined Gourkani died of an embolism and poisoning in her body. Investigators are still working to confirm whether the substance she was injected with was silicone butt lift.

US Food and Drug Administration 2021 warning not to use silicone injection to enlarge or shape parts of the body, saying the injections can cause long-term pain, embolism, deformity, stroke and death.

Silicone injections are not FDA approved.

The agency also warns that when silicone is injected into areas with a lot of blood vessels, such as the buttocks, “silicone can travel through those vessels to other parts of the body and block blood vessels in the lungs, heart or Brain. This can cause a stroke or even death.”

Gomez was arrested hours after Gorkani was pronounced dead, according to police records. She was placed by the Broward County Sheriff’s Office in Florida.

According to Wagstaffe, Gomez is expected to be extradited this week and will make her first appearance in court on Monday.

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