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Willson Contreras returns to fishing duty on Monday

Contrast Wilson will be back to fishing on Monday, by John Denton of He will catch Jack FlahertyThis move comes almost a week after the team revealed that they will be using Contreras exclusive as a designated hitter.

“We’re really pleased with the progress we’ve made and it’s a great fit for him to catch up on Monday with Jack (Flaherty) on the field,” he said. manager Oli Marmol told reporters (including Denton).

It marks the latest twist in what has become a pretty interesting story for the Cardinals and their major off-season players. Just a week ago, it was reported that the group would rely on Andrew Knizner And Tres Barrera to complete the task, as they tackled problems the group describes as “lack of confidence”.

It won’t take long for that to turn the tables, but questions will inevitably arise about how the team has handled the matter and whether it needs to be as public as when it was all about Contreras. skip a week or so or not. catch a mission – roughly a trip in the team rotation.

The Cardinals have won four of the five games they’ve played since switching Contreras off of catching duties, but run blocking remains an issue in those games, with the team dropping out 21 times in that time period. At the time Contreras was demoted, Cards ranked 24th at the start of the ERA rollout and they have dropped to 26th place since.

As for Contreras, he has struggled with the disc for the past week, scoring just 0.192/.250/.346, but of course it’s impossible to know exactly how the team’s decision has affected his performance. at disk. Into the off-season, Contreras continues to be a strong threat to Batman and is hitting 0.263/.340/.406 with three home runs so far, good for 109 wRC+.

It’s been a challenging season in St Louis so far, with the team finishing last in the National League with a 14-25 record. As noted, they’ve gotten a bit better over the past week but there’s still a long way to go for them to turn the tide of the season.

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