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Why Scream 6’s Jasmin Savoy Brown was never interested in horror

Ghostface leaves Mindy dead on board in “Scream VI”, but fortunately she survives his attack. Not everyone in the “Scream” series was so lucky. Uncle Randy’s previous survival tips, such as “Never, never, under any circumstances, say, ‘I’ll be right back’,” only got him so far, because the killer Ghostface soon caught up with him in broad daylight. on the college campus in “Scream 2” (a reference scene in “Scream VI”).

“Scream 2” is also a movie that begins with two Black characters, played by Omar Epps and Jada Pinkett Smith, discussing how “the horror genre is historical… for excluding the human element. African-American”, just before they too, encountered the business end of the Ghostface knife. That scene was penned by Kevin Williamson, a gay white screenwriter who got rid of Jada’s character. how the character Chris Rock assassinated her in real life, while sparing four other white characters from the movie “Scream 2” poster.

Those four characters — one of them, Gale Weathers (Courteney Cox), back in “Scream VI” — have long enjoyed the same story armor as Mindy and the non-white male Core Four are currently wearing. . However, in her Elle interview, Jasmin Savoy Brown praised that “Mindy’s weirdness has nothing to do with her character arc, and no one cares.” (Elsewhere, Mindy warned the characters of “Scream” about malicious “Stab” fans and Dreaditors complaining about “the way they cram into the social commentary” just to raise the bar. high horror.)

As for Brown, she sympathizes with whatever happens to Mindy after this. She concluded by saying, “All three choices in the movie ‘Scream’ are certain. You die, and it’s going to be an epic death. You survive, and that’s amazing, or you’re the bad guy. So no matter what my hands are dealt, every time I’m happy.”

“Scream VI” is currently streaming on Paramount+.

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