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Why did Pedro Pascal end up in the hospital while filming The Mandalorian Season One

Before you run off to find your favorite Mandalorian headband, IG-11 fixes him up just fine. As it turns out, Pedro Pascal’s accident happened on his way to the set when he wasn’t paying attention. During a discussion with co-stars Gina Carano and Carl Weathers as well as executive producers and creators Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni, Pascal said, “I stepped out of the vanity, looked to the side, and stepped into a piece of cake. plywood. I have never been to a hospital to work before.”

What’s even crazier is that he had makeup on for the helmet take off scene, so he looked pretty bad compared to the fact that he was decapitated in real life. Favreau also joked that the medical staff at the hospital were like “let him in” because of the make-up. Pascal’s nose bridge was injured and required 7 stitches.

Of course, in true Mandalorian style, Pascal went back to work shortly after stitching his nose together, prompting Carano to exclaim, “I think it’s cool.” Filoni added that he thought it was the “method” for Pascal to film a scene where Din was physically beaten. Oddly enough, for most movies, an actor with a facial injury on set can be a problem, but for a movie where it’s a rule that the character never shows his face, well. that’s not a big deal.

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