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We Get True Lies Season 2?

The reason for the cancellation is quite simple and it all depends on the rating. “True Lies” is arguably the most underrated script of the season on CBS. While viewership is steady, the network needs the show to capture viewers as the show continues, rather than stagnates. A drama about global espionage doesn’t come cheap, and that makes the network’s decision easy enough.

The series premiered on March 1 and attracted an average of 2 to 2.5 million viewers per episode, with the first season consisting of a total of 13 episodes. The two-part finale will include episodes titled “Lying Truth” and “Waking Dreams,” respectively. A synopsis for the finale reads as follows:

After a truck loaded with computer software containing secret information about Omega Sector agents is hacked, the group enlists the help of Max, a teenage hacker, to find out who is following. evict this agency. When Harry and Helen discover that Max is dating their daughter, Dana, their actions put the mission in jeopardy.

Unfortunately for fans of the series, with its low ratings, it’s highly unlikely that another network or streaming service will save “True Lies”. This has happened many times in the past, with “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” “The Mindy Project,” “Lucifer,” and more recently “9-1-1” all found new homes after facing cancellations. However, they already had enough audience to justify the savings. That is not the case here.

The finale of the two-part “True Lies” season/series airs on CBS on Wednesday, May 17.

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