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Watching Betty White work on community was a learning experience for Alison Brie

They say never meet your idol, but Brie said Betty White lived up to her ideas of what she would become as an artist and as a person. Tracking her relationship with the documentary and the crew between shots was something that opened Brie’s eyes wide. She speaks:

“She’s a professional and very specific. And when I say that she plays to her strengths, she knows how to take this character – a madman – and make her a woman. She’s very sweet, and then these things show up. She doesn’t push anything too hard. She lets it happen as it was written.

You can clearly see this in the way the game she gets into with Danny Pudi and Donald Glover’s post-production, where she raps about anthropology. And sing Toto’s “Africa”. When pressed to provide more examples of Betty White as an inspiration for Brie, the actress pointed to her off-camera influence on the cast and crew. She recalls:

“It reinforced some of the things I already knew about preparation and professionalism. Like how she handled herself on set. I think it’s never too late to learn — or it’s a lesson. good to keep learning — that you need to treat everyone on set with respect. She’s the sweetest person on set you’ll ever meet. and still takes the time to be nice to everyone she talks to. That never goes out of style.”

If you need a “Community” update or just need to watch it again, the show will be streamed on Netflix.

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