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Video: Burbank police rescue a runaway horse

A Burbank police officer took what the authorities called “wild ride” early Tuesday morning when he rode and rode an escape horse in the Rancho neighborhood.

Police responded to a call about a wild horse in the Riverside Drive and Mariposa Street areas around 12:30 a.m., according to Burbank, Sgt. Brent Fekety.

One woman reported that she saw a horse running frantically on the road with a saddle, but no bit or rider. It is unclear how the horse came loose or whether its rider was thrown out. But the woman reported to police that she believes someone fell and was injured.

Police found a horse named Oreo grazing in front of a house. Fekety said Officer Nicholas Moreno, who grew up with horses and is a skilled equestrian, calmly approached and mounted the horse.

Police say the video shows Moreno riding an Oreo back to its owner, who was found at Mariposa Bridge near Valley Heart Drive.

According to Fekety, Oreo became “panic” during a trip with its owner and ran away. But the two were happily reunited, he said.

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