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Top Wes Anderson originals with a magical sci-fi aspect [Cannes 2023]

Anderson’s choice to frame “Asteroid City” as a play within a teleportation screen in a movie – yes, you read that right – is simply the first element of excellence of the film. this interesting movie. As the events of the story unfold, the audience is greeted by Bryan Cranston’s narrator character, whose setting involves a gifted American playwright and the epic “Asteroid City.” your. It’s a really fun plot device that’s both unexpected and completely acclaimed, allowing the audience to effectively ponder the film’s deeper questions in the same way that the final characters do. do, especially when they break the illusion of their presence in the “fictional” story. Edward Norton plays legendary playwright, Conrad Earp, who exists only outside of the central story with cameos that shape the small world, and he also brings a sweet sense of creative magic to the story. whole story. After all, writers are the ones who really shape our world, real or imagined.

The director’s choice to dive into the sci-fi genre is a very welcome one, as he hasn’t actually dabbled in that genre before. Anderson is having some seriously interesting genres in this movie, but he’s not afraid to combine that with other more conventional genres, like drama and romance. It was natural for him, but Anderson knew he was at his best when it came to putting things together. “Asteroid City” is truly no exception, and it’s always interesting to watch the film fully enjoy and assert itself through its genre leanings, Anderson’s dialogue, and his way of building physical character. of actors.

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