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Tinder uses AI and selfie videos for verification

Tinder is tweaking its verification process by introducing artificial intelligence and selfie video to verify its photo, according to the report.

Previously, to get verified on Tinder, users were required to pose as instructed to click on a photo and get a blue check mark on the profile. Instead, Tinder now needs selfie videos instead of photos to verify users.

With the introduction of artificial intelligence In the tech world, it’s easy for anyone to fake a photo, so Tinder also introduced a selfie video to test the vibrancy.

Additionally, Tinder users can restrict their chats to photo-verified profiles. This move comes from Tinder in an attempt to tighten up security and privacy.

With the new intro, Tinder will first ask users to complete a series of video prompts that the AI ​​will use to match the person in the profile picture. The AI ​​feature works by matching someone’s 3D map with their still image.

Tinder partnered with a third-party manager to review the selfie video verification process, rather than running it internally.

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After that, Tinder is expected to introduce new features that will allow users to only see other photo-verified members in their recommendations, with a message setting.

Tinder says selfie video verification is rolling out globally. The ability to restrict messages to “Photo Verified Members” will roll out in the coming months.

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