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TikTok Viral ‘Corn’ on the red carpet as ‘Corn’

It was a “great” moment for tariqalso known as the “Nonsense Child” when walking on the red carpet for the premiere of the new musical “Shucked.”

Not a stranger to the spotlight, especially when it comes to corn, 7-year-old Tariq is the “corn responder” of the big event. They even wrapped the microphone in corn husks in honor of the new show it’s all about tariqMy favorite food –”It’s corn!

Tariq attends red carpet premiere of new Broadway musical, “Shucked”

Tariq, Corn Kid, at the Broadway premiere "Shucked"
Korn Boy Official – TikTok

tariq shines on the red carpet as he enjoys all the attention, not only for him but also for his favorite vegetable that has helped bring him to the internet sensation he is today. He shared some moments from Tuesday night’s event on his personal page. TikTok And Instagram page.

In a TikTok video, tariq was challenged to see how fast he could split the corn on the cob. (Spoiler alert: It only took him 21 seconds!) The excitement on his face said it all about his pleasurable experience.

In a video shared on “Shucked Musical” Instagram page, event highlights show Tariq meeting many celebrities, enjoying the attention and expressing his excitement at the moment.

“Shucked” is a new musical about Tariq’s favorite vegetarian dish!

Tariq Corn Kid at "Shucked" music
Korn Boy Official – TikTok

“Shucked” is the fictional story of Cobb County when there is a mystery about its corn crop suddenly dying and what people in the town will do to fix the problem. The show’s stars include John Behlmann, Ashley D. Kelley, Alex Newell, Caroline Innerbichler, Andrew Durand and Gray Henson.

A video on the show’s Instagram page provides a brief overview of the musical with the caption, “Shucked in less than 60 seconds…does it make sense?” The musical’s narrators, Ashley D. Kelly and Gray Henson, are quick to explain the performance.

“Imagine a small town. Cobb County,” Kelly said. Then Henson said: “Good guys, even better corn. The two take turns telling part of the story. “Maizy had to step away from the life she always knew,” Kelly said. Henson added: “Leaving the family and lover that was once loved.

Tariq is enjoying the “Corntastic” adventure. His love of corn led him

baby corn
South Dakota – TikTok

Since becoming a viral sensation, thanks to an interview with Respite therapy in a park in New York City last summer, Tariq was quite amused by the adventure. He met many people along the way.

After the initial interview went viral, a song was created that you can’t help but listen to once you’ve heard it. “It’s Corn” can still be heard all over TikTok.

Tariq, the corn boy
Korn Boy Official – TikTok

Tariq was on”The Drew Barrymore Program” many times, collaborated with famous YouTuber Mr.Beastwas named “corn ambassador” of South Dakota, riding on a giant blue float Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Paradewas interviewed by Keenan Thompson and Kevin Hart and more. He was even the recipient of the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Award last month.

While the “delicious corn” adventure continues, Tariq’s TikTok page continues to grow so all his corn-loving fans can keep an eye on what he’s up to next.

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