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The sun and hot days are back in LA after a very wet and cool spring

After being like the Pacific Northwest for most of this unusually wet year, Southern California will return to its normal dry, sunny state later this week.

Temperatures in the San Fernando Valley are expected to range from ’80s highs to ’90s lows on Saturday and Sunday, while a layer of seawater will keep the coast in a high temperate range. 60 degrees, before the beaches turn to their 70s lows on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Although the peak inland will be slightly higher than normal in spring, the weather pattern is in line with the standards of the Los Angeles Basin – with a high pressure peak pushing temperatures inland higher, while winds from the Pacific keep high temperatures on the coast about 20 degrees cooler.

A slight cool trend is expected across Southern California over the weekend, along with the possibility of thunderstorms in the foothills and mountains.

“It’s going to feel more like summer for a pretty good amount of time now,” said Rose Schoenfeld, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Oxnard. “It will be warm and sunny. It feels like the seasons have changed.”

California’s Central Valley will be even hotter this weekend. Temperatures will reach more than 90 degrees and possibly more than 100 degrees in some locations on Sunday and Monday.

The only significant sign of rain will be potential rain — with much of the massive snow and ice in the Sierra Nevada continuing to melt and causing rivers, streams and reservoirs across the region to rise. The weather service has issued a flood warning for Tulare and Kings counties due to overloaded reservoirs releasing water over the weekend.

In the San Francisco Bay Area, inland temperatures in cities like Livermore, Pleasanton and Dublin could also hit 90s lows this weekend.

The Pacific Northwest is expecting the most unusual weather event in mid-May, with the region now outpacing its southern neighbors with extreme heat. Temperatures in Portland, Ore., are expected to reach the mid-90s on Saturday and Sunday. That would exceed the record temperature for this time on the calendar.

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