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The Secret Behind Savannah & LeBron’s Decade of Marriage

Take your pen like Savannah James shares the secrets of her happy marriage with LeBron James!

The social network became famous as a longtime partner of the NBA icon, saying his vows to the athlete in September 2013. Since getting married, the high school lovers have welcomed three great kid and stand the test of time as the perfect team.

The countdown to the couple’s incredible milestone in their ever-blooming relationship is a few months away. However, the businessman soon celebrated the event by hinting at her happily ever after marriage to beloved “King James”.

Savannah James ponders marriage and reveals the moment she fell in love with LeBron James

LeBron James and wife Savannah James arrive at Netflix's 'Hustle' premiere in Los Angeles

In a sincere discussion with Cut For the magazine’s May-June cover story, the caramel-toned beauty spoke candidly about marriage and the lessons she’s learned from her long-term relationship.

As this year marks the interior designer’s 10th wedding anniversary to the Los Angeles Lakers star, the mother-of-three was asked to share the valuable knowledge she gained from her life as a wife.

This question can be confusing to others, but for the founder of “Home Court,” marriage is a topic she’s not afraid to discuss. “I had a great view of the real marriage with my parents,” Savannah began.

“There are ups and downs in marriage. That taught me not to be too hard on myself or him. And for grace,” the businesswoman continued, adding that she values ​​emotional independence.

“You never know what people — or your significant other, for that matter — are going through. I appreciate that sentiment,” the media personality explained. “You cannot depend on others for your happiness. You must be happy.

To be honest on the matter, the wife of the former Cleveland Cavaliers athlete emphasizes that one cannot hope to gain an important place in someone else’s life when they do not consider themselves the most valuable person in life. their life.

“Like I said, you can’t be anything to anyone if you aren’t everything to yourself first. And that’s with anyone of any kind – friends, parents, significant other, children, anyone,” Savannah concluded.

LeBron and Savannah James
Savannah James – Instagram

The words of the former juice shop owner are not far from the truth about her relationship with LeBron. Reminiscing about the moment she realized the NBA star was the man for her, the businesswoman confessed that it happened while the duo were still in high school.

A little shy about sharing the “silly” story, the 36-year-old woman said her heart started to beat for the Akron native thanks to two special occasions. It all started with the couple’s first date at the Outback Steakhouse, where the furniture mogul dines at home.

However, the Ohio native left takeaway food in the basketball player’s car and was contemplating what to do when the 19-time NBA All-Star came to her rescue. Recalling the sweet moment, Savannah said:

He called me and was like, ‘I took your food. I’ll go back and drop it.’ And I was like, ‘You want to see me again. Okay, bring me food.’”

The second time LeBron pulled his wife off her feet, she happened after a blizzard had canceled all school day activities. Instead of enjoying time alone, the 38-year-old called on social media to prepare to head out for breakfast.

“I answered the phone like, ‘Hi? I am sleeping.’ So I hung up the phone. I jumped out of bed quickly. I was so excited,” the mother-of-three confessed. “Even though my body wanted to stay in that bed, my heart said, ‘No, we’re going to have breakfast.’ And we spent the day together.”

Loving couple celebrates 9th wedding anniversary with sweet words of gratitude

Savannah and LeBron James kiss

Last September, high school lovers mark their ninth wedding anniversary with warm declarations of love on their social media pages.

Although the couple said their vows nine years ago, they have been together for about 20 years since their relationship began in high school. LeBron kicked off the celebration by sharing a stunning photo from the couple’s Vanity Fair photo shoot.

“Queen. Happy Anniversary,” Ohio honoree Mr. Basketball praised, adding: “PS YOU’RE SO Irritating! Oh.” Savannah echoed similar sentiments on her Instagram page with a lengthy message detailing her admiration for the Akron native.

“9 years passed(21), forever passed!! Congratulations to us, my love!!Happy anniversary!! #JamesGang,” the businessman wrote. Responding to his wife’s gratitude in the comments section, the 38-year-old man wrote: “Congratulations to my Queen”.

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