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The Mageseeker: League of Legends plot review

Magic is everywhere if you know where to look and look no further than Digital Sun’s The Mageseeker. It’s a worthy addition to the ever-growing list of League of Legends spin-offs, this time a pixel-art action RPG that puts you in the role of Sylas The Unshackled as he escapes prison. to seek revenge on those who locked him up since childhood. It stays true to the lore of League of Legends and expands on it in exciting new ways, showing us more of the spell-stealing rebel. I’ve moved away from my time with The Mageseeker to enjoy the journey but wish it had taken a few different paths along the way.

Following in the footsteps of other League of Legends spin-offs like The Anonymous King and Hextech Mayhem, Mageseeker brings another series of characters from their roster of over 160 champions to life in a new way. Sylas is portrayed as epic as ever as he helps lead a revolt against the tyrannical kingdom of Demacia, where mages are hunted. The story takes on some nuance and even resembles moments of real world history where a group of people are persecuted for being different.

It took about 18 hours to not only complete The Mageseeker on difficulty, but also complete everything needed for the platinum trophy on PlayStation 5. This includes all side quests, replaying some missions to collect any collectibles that I missed on my first playthrough, and several reboots with some bosses gave me a bit of trouble.

You only play as Sylas, but The Mageseeker brings in some other fan-favorite characters like Morgana, Garen, Lux, Jarvan IV, Shyvana, and a few surprises that I won’t spoil the ride. I was delighted to see Digital Sun envision how strong these champions can be when not constrained by the need for balance in a competitive landscape. Morgana’s Shadow Binds last longer, Lux’s laser beam is larger than it actually is, and Shyvana will show her true scale when she transforms into her dragon form. There are also plenty of easter eggs and other fun nods throughout the story that are sure to please League of Legends fans.

I was excited to see how strong these champions can be.

In addition to those familiar faces, Sylas also stars a number of interesting original characters taking on various supporting roles throughout the saga of vengeance, maturity, and rebellion. There were a few that stood out, such as Leilani, who soon formed a strong bond with Sylas and served as a guiding light for the uprising while Sylas did what had to be done on their journey. in the hope of freeing from the oppression of the Mageseekers who went out to imprison or remove them.

Mageseeker begins with a literal explosion as Sylas borrows the magic of a young Lux to escape from Demacia prison and the impending execution. While the first mission seems crucial, it slows down a bit at the outset as Sylas assumes the role of rebel leader. Mageseeker completely makes sense when playing Sylas: how you can dash around, use chains to pull yourself towards enemies or around the environment, and all the spells you can borrow and use for its own purposes. Anyone who has played a League of Legends match as Sylas will feel familiar when it comes to combat, although the mechanics are intuitive enough that even those who have never played it can recognize it easily. .

As Sylas, you have the ability to sense and borrow other people’s magical abilities and use them against anyone who gets in your way. Including powerful ultimates, I’ve had access to 30 different spells, most of which fall into six different elemental trees, nearly all of which have played a useful role in the ages. different points as I progress. Early spells included elemental projectiles to counter afflicted enemies, while later spells grant wide-effect versions or spells for healing, shielding, or casting. my melee attacks with elemental spells. Spells stolen from enemies can only be used once, but as you progress you will have the ability to create spells you have borrowed and can cast them as you see fit, as long as you have enough energy to do so.

Your ability to swap spells is even more versatile.

Combat starts out simple, but in later levels, when faced with larger groups of enemies and their multitude of projectiles, I’ve noticed that if I don’t maneuver and rush or rush at the enemy, I will lose a large amount of blood. While I’m mostly focused on casting spells that heal me or give me shields, it’s more related to my playstyle than unnecessary: ​​there’s a ton of options and abilities Swap your spells at any of the generous checkpoints placed throughout the stages providing even more flexibility.

In addition to standard spells, Sylas will also gain access to powerful ultimate skills that, for the most part, allow him to deal massive amounts of damage but also temporarily increase his power. Using Lux’s Ultimate Lightning to fire a large focused beam of light to destroy a large group of enemies is just as fun as taking multiple kills with the same skill in League of Legends matches normally.

Mageseeker has absolutely the feel of playing Sylas.

There is a wide variety of enemies, and they range from elemental mages used by Mageseekers, who use spells to hurl shards of ice, heal other enemies, or create gusts of wind. cause damage. As well as creature-based enemies, from fire frogs named lava lizards that Alliance fans will recognize who can create fire fields, as well as other larger beasts millions of people. set of localized lightning, like the Thunderbeast hybrid between a gorilla and a lizard. The levels constantly mix up enemy dispositions, adding an amazing level of depth that keeps me at bay when deciding which enemies to prioritize.

Most of the stages are very simple and follow a similar simple platforming pattern using Sylas’ leash or dash to get through short gaps, some enemy encounters need cleared before opening the door or portal, and a boss usually combines elements from the rest of the level. I’d like to see some extra elements in the levels, such as light puzzles or optional platform challenges to help me earn rewards placed all over the map, rather than just being given them as part of the game. rewards for discovery. There are a lot of unlit braziers and other objects in the background that can be used to activate something magical like hidden passages or reveal chests, but I’ve always been disappointed by casting fire spells on them. no effect. It’s a missed opportunity to encourage replayability and creative use of magic.

However, the bosses are one of the most prominent features in Mageseeker. While I can cast any spells I want in some battles thanks to Sylas’ great mobility, others greatly benefit from swapping out her equipped spells. me to give me an elemental advantage or increase my survivability with healing or shield spells. On hard difficulty, many of the previous bosses will wipe me out in four to six times, hits depending on the attack. It became a bit more forgiving once I got some health and defense upgrades in the middle of the campaign, only when the challenge ramped up again in the final hours of the campaign with enemy numbers. increasingly stronger enemies; Fortunately, this is balanced by the addition of more ways to heal or mitigate damage. This creates a new dynamic that requires me to decide how best to use my mana, restore health, or deal extra damage with flashy spells.

In addition to the main quests, there are two side quest sequences. One asked me to attack Mageseeker bases using unique buffed versions of spells, giving these levels an almost lifelike feel, offering some of the most fun. throughout the entire campaign, despite how the side quests reuse the same boss. The other quest sequence is a series of basic arenas that end with some more interesting bosses that League of Legends fans will want to see. The levels are also filled with various collectibles, such as adorable silver-winged birds, wizards to recruit, and notes dropped by characters that help provide additional background information on the love story. the state of the world or their lives.

The track is filled with fast tempo to match the often chaotic battles, combined with a relaxing beat during your time in between levels. Each location has its own style, with the music evolving as you progress further and culminating in an exhilarating tune during the boss battles. Mageseeker stays true to its original material by using various lines of dialogue and sound effects from League of Legends as characters use their abilities, and despite the limited voice acting, it’s still generally enjoyable to hear familiar elements outside of their normal environment.

I ran into a few bugs during my gameplay: I had enemies and bosses becoming unkillable, lost the ability to use my chains to grapple or borrow abilities, and a weird bug is the falling stone that follows me everywhere, including the main menu. There’s nothing that exiting and reloading or restarting can’t fix, but they’ve appeared enough times to warrant being mentioned.

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