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The Guardians Of The Galaxy villain actor who was originally auditioned for the role of Star-Lord

In a prime example of what can happen, MTV caught up with Pace right before he arrived in front of the top brass at Marvel to audition for the role of Peter Quill. But alas, it is not meant to be. tempo tell MTV:

“I came in on Monday to see them all and audition for that movie, so good luck… I’m so excited about it. The script is great… I was [reading up on Star-Lord]. You want to know what you’re doing. The characters are a lot of fun. I hope it works. We shall see. We shall see. I have to audition. I have to go get it. I really enjoy auditioning, so I’m excited to meet all of them and audition.”

It’s certainly fun to think about the possibility of Pace having a much larger role in the MCU. Although judging from his height, he would be better able to play Groot instead of Quill. After appearing as a younger, different version of ’90s Ronan in “Captain Marvel”, it’s still possible that Ronan could appear in flashbacks in “The Marvels” mind-tormenting Carol Danvers (Brie). Larson).

Personally, I’d love to see him in a role that doesn’t require as much makeup and prosthetics. Instead, let Lee Pace’s natural charisma shine through in another comic property. Starring James Gunn in DC Studios series “Booster Gold” recently announcedPace could be a great choice for the lead role, although Gunn has said before that they have a special actor in mind.

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