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The final Fast X trailer is almost five minutes long, so you can skip and wait for the movie

If the latest trailer stands out from its predecessors, it’s because it highlights what appear to be some of the more interesting things about the film, as opposed to the previews that have so far made the film purely about Dante’s violent rage. We know the bad guy in lavender has a problem with Dom, and he was at one point literally trying to blow up the Vaticanso it’s nice to see John Cena still making time for humorous quips amid the chaos.

“Fast X” was originally supposed to be the first of the last two in a series that began in 2001, but Diesel recently revealed it was the beginning of a limited trilogy. Regardless of the number of sequels, the franchise is clearly going to increase viewership, as director Louis Leterrier recently told Total Film (each SyFy) that “the beauty of getting close to the end of this series” is that he doesn’t have to assume the characters will “live forever”. The cast of “Fast X” seems massive, so it wouldn’t be surprising if Dante managed to blast one or two of our favorite characters in his explosive campaign against his family. The final trailer includes a pretty extensive look at the movie, but if someone dies in “Fast X,” it’s a plot point that Universal won’t tease ahead of time.

“Fast X” hits theaters on May 19, 2023.

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