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The Dodgers assign Dylan Covey to the mission

The Dodgers announced today that lefties Justin Bruihl and right-handed André Jackson was summoned back to the club. In the respective moves, the right-hander Dust of life Listed 15 days injury with right forearm and right hand strain Dylan Covey designated for assignment.

The Dodgers have faced various challenges with their pitching staff in recent days, leading to many improvisations. They played a 12-round match against the Twins on Monday, using six painkillers after Noah Syndergaard only lasted four rounds. On Tuesday, Clayton Kershaw also bounces after only four frames, asking the bullpen to take the remaining five frames.

That prompted the club to choose Covey’s contract yesterday to give the cowshed a new arm. It was a good thing they did, as May had to leave the field after just one half with a sore elbow. that’s later report that he has a flexor muscle strain and is likely to be out for four to six weeks, making inclusion on today’s injury list inevitable. Covey joined and threw four rounds to relieve May, allowing a few runs to earn with five hits and one walk with three hits. Four other pitchers came after him as the Dodgers clinched a 7-3 win.

Despite playing a key role in that victory, Covey was dropped from his roster as the club once again faced an exhausted pitcher and needed some new weapons. Prior to joining the major league club, he had a 4.22 ERA in 32 Triple-A plays during the year. The Dodgers will now have a week to trade him or move him through the waivers. He hasn’t really played in the big leagues for a few years, playing in the CPBL in Taiwan in 2021 and 2022, but it wouldn’t be surprising to see a number of other clubs expressing interest. due to a series of injuries suffered by pitchers around the league. In the event that he gives up explicitly, he will have the right to turn down an assignment outright and choose freelance agency, due to having had a full career prior to that.

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