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The best negotiators of succession, ranked

Connor Roy, the eldest of the Roys, was at the bottom of the list. This black sheep of the family takes great pride in his staying out of Waystar’s internal affairs, so he’ll probably be thrilled with his spot on this list — when he really isn’t. should be like that.

Connor exhibits many of the qualities found in good negotiators. He has enough emotional intelligence to distance himself from family drama whenever possible. He is a very idealistic and creative thinker. He even possesses the courage and determination to know what he wants, communicate what he wants, and get what he wants. That said, two fatal flaws come together hilariously to put him at the bottom of this list: he’s completely lacking in radar when it comes to his power and leverage, and a nasty habit. is whining to get what he desires. Connor puts himself first, but he keeps coming back to his siblings, trying to win their support for his sometimes futile ambitions. Connor has no idea how completely he depends on them to support his lavish lifestyle. Also, woe to anyone who tells Connor his lifestyle isn’t lavish, because he’s too ignorant to understand that. Connor Roy is a beggar, grumpy, and lustful for power in his own right – while being completely oblivious to the choices that lie within his power.

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