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Tears of the Kingdom: Which Dungeon should you do first?

Listen, we don’t want to tell you how you should play Tears of the Kingdom. Go out, mess around, explore the world, do whatever you want. But there are some things in this game that if you do not If you do it early, you may find yourself later wishing you had chosen differently. And one of them is the order in which you solve the Area Phenomena quests, which lead to Tears of the Kingdom’s dungeon.

Once you get through the Tears of the Kingdom tutorial, you’ll be given a main quest called Area Phenomenon, which takes you through the game’s four main dungeons in any order you want using how to access Rito, Zorah, Gerudo and the cities and people of Goron. You can delay these quests for as long as you like, do them in random order, or go wherever your heart tells you to, but there To be There’s a recommended order to do these things, and it’s for good reason: some bonuses are much better than others, and can make the rest of the game significantly easier.

Simply put: we recommend doing Regional Phenomenon – Go to Rito . Village Firstly. This is where the game pushes you first, so if you feel the opposite, consider saving that for other areas of the game and just head to Rito Village right away. Make sure you bring some warm clothes along the way.

Spoiler alert: Below the video, we explain exactly why Rito Village is the best way to go. Read at your own risk!

Rito Village teamed up with you with the new Rito champion, Tulin, who has truly amazing abilities. He can create winds that blow you forward quickly in one direction when you are on a paraglider. It’s a huge game-changer, making it much easier to get around the world, especially in the sky. Trust me – you’ll use this ability a lot, and once you have it, you’ll wonder why you waited so long to get it.

In contrast, other Regional Phenomena search capabilities are not as impressive. Goron’s ability, used by Yunobo, is second only to that: he can use it to pierce fragile rocks, meaning you don’t have to keep grinding rocks with a stick to find your way through. cave. We recommend going to second Goron City for this reason.

But the other two abilities, used by Riju and Sidon, are more combat-oriented and less useful for movement. Riju’s power, which knocks down enemies with light from a distance, is great when fighting crowds – especially the Shadow Hand. Prince Sidon’s ability is a shield that can emit a magical orb when released, but its use is a bit more situational. It’s good to have, but probably the lowest priority of the four.

Along with going to Rito Village first, we also advise players track an important quality of life feature, Autobuild, before getting too deep into the game’s content. Again, trust us, you really want this. And we have a Detailed instructions on how to get.

Once you’ve visited Rito Village, gained Tulin’s powers and collected Autobuild, there’s a lot more work to be done. We have them all listed in our complete guide to Kingdom Tears.

Rebekah Valentine is a senior reporter for IGN. You can find her on Twitter @duckvalentine.

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