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T-Hub partners with commercial real estate company Berkadia

T-Hub, a startup ecosystem support company, has signed an agreement with commercial real estate firm Berkadia to foster innovation and knowledge exchange in the startup ecosystem.

As part of the deal, Berkadia will actively participate in T-Hub’s membership program for two years. The company will have access to T-Hub’s startup network.

The alliance will help startups build proof of concept, analyze pitches, evaluate design, and deliver business assessments. “It will drive change in the commercial real estate industry,” a statement said Wednesday.

“The program aims to connect at least 40-56 startups with Berkadia during the two-year alliance period. It will include sensitization meetings, reconnaissance, screening, assessment and management of outreach and marketing campaigns,” it said.

Mahankali Srinivas Rao, CEO of T-Hub said, “Through this alliance, we aim to connect our startups to Berkadia’s network and resources, enabling them to collaborate and create new opportunities.

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