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‘Supernatural’s Jensen Ackles Addresses ‘The Winchesters’ Cancellation

Performer Jensen Ackles best known for his role as Dean Winchester on the 15-second CW series “Supernatural” that ended in 2020.

Although numerous spin-off series were featured over the show’s long run, the only show chosen was “The Winchesters,” a prequel series that tells the love story of John and Mary Winchester and how they met for the first time.

The series stars Drake Rodgers as the young John Winchester and Meg Donnelly as the young Mary Winchester for 13 episodes. Although the first season ended on a high, fans were disappointed to learn earlier this month that the show had been canceled by the carrier.

Jensen Ackles ‘There’s a sense of hope’ for his ‘Supernatural’ spin-off ‘The Winchesters’

Jensen Ackles at The CW Network 2019 Prepaid

Although the show was canceled by the network, the “Supernatural” actor hopes that it can be picked up by another network so that the story of the Winchesters can continue to be told.

“I really feel hopeful and I don’t know if that’s the optimistic side of me, what I don’t know is that it exists in this capacity,” he said. Weekly entertainment. “I was directed more towards a serious person, more about what we all think Dean Winchester is going to rush into as he gets older. That’s just the Dean in me. But I do have crazy optimism about this show, and I think that’s largely down to the energy we found on set with this cast and this crew. That crazy optimism is one of the reasons why this show aired in the first place, and I think it’s one of the many reasons why the show should continue somewhere.

Ackles also said that fans are “out of breath,” adding, “I like that about this fandom. I love that they’re so passionate about this world, this universe, and these characters that they’re ready to hit the carpet for a performance like this. I think that says a lot, especially for people who are willing to listen and have the ability to do something about it.”

Already have ideas ready for a possible second season

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While the end of the first season looks like it could also serve as the series finale, Jensen Ackles revealed that host Robbie Thompson has a five-season plan for the story. “Hopefully we can make that happen,” Ackles said. “I just think there’s a way to keep this alive and it’s a shame to let that go.”

“We weren’t just talking about the story and where we wanted our cast, we were also talking about who we would bring back from motherhood,” he continued, adding that there was a lot Many former “Supernatural” actors were disappointed. that they didn’t make it to the show’s first season. “We’ve put together a lot of tricks to keep up and make it fun, not only for new fans but also for old fans.”

Looking beyond the five seasons, Ackles added, “And then we don’t know what it’s going to look like after that but there’s certainly a way to force this to feel like a possible return of the Supernatural, which is what it’s like. that Robbie and I talked about. That’s what Jared [Padalecki] and I talked about, what that could look like.

Drake Rodgers And Meg Connelly Speak Out About ‘The Winchesters’ Cancellation

The actor who played the young John Winchester, Drake Rodgers, released a statement to EW, saying, “Working on The Winchesters over the past year has been an incredible honor. The fandom is so vast and passionate for this universe. They were so accepting and supportive of the show, it made the whole process a dream.

“It would be a pity not to continue to explore the vast world we have built and come to love more and more,” he added. “There are so many opportunities for new storylines and perspectives on the Supernatural universe.”

Meg Donnelly, who played the young Mary Winchester, added: “I learned a lot about myself while on this show. The Winchesters is a beautiful story about not stopping at helping those you love. There is so much more to this story that needs to be told and it is an honor to continue playing such an iconic character as Mary Campbell.”

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