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Summer weather is heading to Southern California this weekend

Take off your sweater and break your sunscreen.

Warmer-than-normal temperatures will hit Southern California this weekend.

According to the National Weather Service, inshore currents could weaken on Friday and Saturday, leading to a 5 to 10 degree increase in temperatures for most areas away from the coast. Beaches are expected to have temperatures above 60 while valleys are likely to stay below 90.

The warming trend comes just months after Southern Californians suffered one of the the most boring and wettest winter in recent memory.

On Saturday, temperatures will be 1 to 3 degrees above normal along the coast through the mid-60s and 5 to 10 degrees above normal inland, through the mid-80s, according to forecasters. . Then on Sunday, an increase in shore currents will cool most areas by 4 to 8 degrees.

But the cooling down trend will be short-lived. The weather service said temperatures are expected to rise again by 4 to 8 degrees in areas away from beaches on Monday and rise another degree or two on Tuesday. Maximum temperatures will be 5 to 10 degrees higher than normal each day, with some areas up to 12 degrees above normal.

A weakened high-pressure system will cool the area on Wednesday and Thursday, but temperatures will remain above normal. Meteorologists say there is a slight chance of showers and thunderstorms, similar to monsoon patterns, east of the San Gabriel Mountains.

A temperature advisory has been issued for the San Joaquin Valley, where temperatures of 94 to 99 degrees are possible between Saturday afternoon and Monday night, according to the weather service.

Health officials advise people to drink plenty of fluids during these heat waves, stay in air-conditioned rooms, stay out of the sun, and leave small children and pets unattended in cars.

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