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Strange moment mysterious ‘Black Triangle’ UFO was spotted by US Marines above military base in footage sent to Pentagon probe

An investigator said a BLACK triangular UFO was photographed flying over a military base in the presence of 50 witnesses.

Documentary filmmaker Jeremy Corbell and veteran journalist George Knapp published the footage on their podcast weaponization.

The shape of the Black Triangle is seen hovering near the military base


The shape of the Black Triangle is seen hovering near the military baseCredits: Weaponization

Photos and videos appear to show a triangle dotted with light as it flies over the Mojave Desert in California.

The shape – believed to be the size of half a football field – was spotted in the sky near the US Army training ground and camp at 29Palms.

Corbell and Knapp said the encounter lasted about 10 minutes – with the object first appearing around 8:20 p.m.

And then just as quickly as it appeared, the still object is said to have “blinked” or “disappeared”.

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It is claimed that the military fired rings of light in the direction of the object – and their forces spent three hours searching for the object.

And the Pentagon’s new UFO investigation unit has been notified of the incident, according to Corbell.

The encounter happened on April 20, 2021, but footage was only released by Corbell and Knapp today.

“More than 50 people went out and searched. Those lights appeared out of nowhere,” one US Marine told Weaponized.

“[People] like confused. No one can notice it.”

The Marine described the object as a “black triangle” with lights underneath.

Those lights cannot be flares or any other kind of military lighting technology, he said.

And he describes helicopters “pulling a **” towards the object before flying around the area.

Another US Marine said: “This is something none of us have ever seen before.”

He described a convoy of trucks also heading to the site where the object had been seen.

“I can’t tell you [what I saw]. I just know it’s not anything that I recognize or any of my close friends recognize,”

“I don’t think it’s anything from the US military – definitely a UFO. I’m trying to figure out what the hell it is.”

Black triangle“is a commonly reported form of UFO – with the most famous sight perhaps being the so-called “Phoenix Lamp“.

The massive object was reported to have been sighted by thousands of people on March 13, 1997.

And the so-called other”Black triangle” has been discovered around the world, including a wide range of sightings in the UK and Europe in the early 90s.

It has been speculated the possible shapes are top secret technology used by the US.

The Mojave encounter is the latest UFO sighting involving the US military amid Washington’s growing interest in the traditional fringe topic.

It’s unclear exactly what the object might be – and it fuels the ongoing conspiracy.

U.S. officials have even established a new office to probe UFOs – now commonly known as Unidentified Aerial Phenomena – called the All-Domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO).

“Due to the location of this mass UFO sighting – in the restricted airspace of one of the active US military facilities – a significant amount of data has been accumulated and including radar, thermal, electro-optical and signature intelligence.

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“This case was NOT accurately reported through active US UAP investigative channels; under the authority of the Department of Defense AARO.

“AARO has now been notified of this alleged intrusion. If the public wants to understand more about this UAP encounter – we will need to encourage our representatives to ask questions and promote answers. “

The object appears to be the formation of light at 29Palms


The object appears to be the formation of light at 29PalmsCredits: Weaponization
Other images from the base seem to show the light on April 20, 2021


Other images from the base seem to show the light on April 20, 2021

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