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STM Chargetree Swing Review | TechNuovo

I have been searching for something like this for a while, a way to charge my phone, watch and airpods at the same time and this thing came up. It’s the Chargetree Swing from STM and it’s a great addition to my desk.

So this is a 3-in-1 charging solution for your Apple products. It will wirelessly charge your iPhone, Apple Watch AND Airpods, individually or at the same time, in one convenient device.

It’s a small stand, with wireless points on it to charge your devices. Up front is the phone charging point, with a small ledge at the bottom to keep your phone in place. Behind that and hidden away, another wireless pad but this time for your Airpods (or other wireless-enabled earbuds). Then, above that area, and still behind the phone unit, is a thin piece of plastic that rotates to the right, allowing you to hook your Apple watch into it, with a magnet, to charge. That’s why it’s called Chargetree Swing.


The dock comes in two colors, white with a bit of gray like we have here or black. It’s a sleek job, it doesn’t take up much space on my desk. It’s sturdy, fixed in place, just like the individual devices when they’re attached to the base. In terms of power, there’s a single USB C port on the back that you need to plug into a power source.

This will charge all 3 devices at once, and should be plugged into the wall via a 20 watt or more wattage brick, which you will have to provide yourself. As for output, the meter will push out 3 watts, the phone 15 watts and the buds up to 5 watts. With that in mind, the charging performance is ok. For me the phone is very important, you need to charge it faster than the other two and unfortunately this is not so fast. If I’m in dire need of a battery, I find myself using a different charging device. However, if you’re at work and yes you need to charge the battery, this should do the trick, along with your watch and headphones.


It currently retails for just £39.99 on Amazon UK, which isn’t a bad price, as you’re charging all three devices at once, in a pretty neat package. I like the look, I like the design, the way each device fits. It’s sleek, it’s neat, I just wish it charged a little faster.

For more information, go to the official website Goods website.

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