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SoCal responds to Trump’s indictment: Anger and dismay, relief and joy

Following the historic indictment of former President Trump in a New York court on Tuesday, the reaction of Southern Californians echoes clear political rifts elsewhere in the nation — with some angry and many rejoice.

As of Tuesday afternoon, Trump pleaded not guilty to 34 felony counts. He became the first former US president to face criminal charges following an initial investigation centered on a $130,000 payment made by his former attorney Michael D. Cohen to the actor. adult movie Stormy Daniels. That payment was allegedly made to prevent Daniels from publicly disclosing her affair with him while Trump was campaigning for president.

At rush hour, seven people showed up outside the Federal Building in West LA. They held signs and shouted to traffic about the indictment and alleged misconduct of President Biden.

One user used the loudspeaker to say: “We are all a nation under God, not a nation under Joe Biden.”

Another then shouted: “If we lose this country, we’ll have nowhere else to go.”

Some vehicles honking their horns as they passed Wilshire Avenue; it’s not clear whether the drivers are honking their horns in support – or disgust.

In the Orange County city of Laguna Hills, about 50 people gathered outside an In-N-Out Burger, waving Trump flags and shouting, “Free Trump!” and “America!” They sang along to “God Bless the USA” and “Macho Man” playing from the speakers.

Rally attendee JR Olvera said the indictment was “ridiculous” and blamed the media for “covering up the truth” about a stolen 2020 election. “America is being destroyed right now,” he said. “We want to preserve America.”

Marilyn Fischer, 77, of Laguna Woods, stands among the crowd holding a “Wanted for the President” poster with a photo of Trump. She was motivated to show her support for the former president because she said he was being unfairly targeted.

“They want to get rid of Trump by any means possible. That’s a lot of lies,” she said.

Those are emotions echoed earlier in the day by Mike Bordas, who was walking with his pack of foxhounds, Murray, behind Grand Central Market. He said he was furious that the administration continued to target “someone as great as the president.”

Elsewhere, residents greeted the news with hope and satisfaction.

Raquel and Ignacio Delgadillo, on their way to the Broad Museum with their daughter, stopped to take in the news after Trump appeared in court.

The couple, from South Los Angeles, welcomed Tuesday’s developments, but Raquel Delgadillo, an IT officer at a credit union, said she won’t be fully satisfied until January 6. crimes are included in all other crimes.”

“I think it will have more weight when they add everything together. These are situations that speak to his character. All of them should be taken into account,” she said.

Ignacio Delgadillo agreed and said: “The country needs to move on. The sooner he takes charge, the sooner we can do it.”

Taking a break from jury duty and strolling down Spring Street in downtown LA for food, Kate Gill said she was “delighted” to hear the former president was held accountable.

“Trump is a terrible president and a terrible thing has happened to our country. I’m glad he left the office,” she said.

The Silver Lake resident, who works in creative development in the television industry, is hoping for more charges against him, such as those related to the January 6 uprising. .

“It finally caught up with him,” she said. “People have been waiting for action and they have been very patient.”

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