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Simone Biles and fiance show off their marriage license

Simone honey show off your marriage certificate with your fiancé Jonathan Owens before their upcoming wedding.

After dating for two years, the duo announced their engagement on Instagram in February 2022. Biles and Owens plan to hold their wedding in Texas and can’t wait to end it.

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Simone Biles and Jonathan Owens secure marriage license

The soccer star and world-class gymnast who met just before the pandemic planned to get married. Biles recently celebrated their success in obtaining a permit for their upcoming wedding. This comes after two years together.

Owens revealed in an interview with Texas Monthly.

The 26-year-old famous Olympic athlete shared a photo of herself and Owens both smiling in the car along with their new doc. In the caption, she wrote, “It’s almost time to say ‘I agree'” with a white heart emoji, while Owens replied in the comments, “Soon.” Documents show that the couple will be wed in Texas, where they both reside.

Simone Biles is eager to get married

The couple has yet to share an upcoming wedding date but Biles is eager to get married. After receiving her license, the gymnast posted a video of her and her man. The clip shows them drinking cocktails while playing music with the lyrics “Honey, let’s get married. I just want to get married” is played in the background.

On the video, she wrote, every Everybody, “post-marital license stuff.” The four-time Olympic gold medalist gymnast shared snaps from the bridal shower in anticipation. The blue-themed event was held with her friends and family at Houston Height’s The Juliana. They all sported blue outfits that stand out in the photos as she captioned them, “WEDDING BATHROOM on Cloud 9☁️💙🕊️ feeling so loved and blessed.”

Biles threw a Bachelorette party earlier in the year which she highlighted on her Instagram page. For her part, the star wore a pair of jeans with her fiancé’s last name, “Mrs. Owens,” written on the back pocket. In the caption, she tagged the location and thanked them “for throwing the biggest bachelor party ever”.

Simone Biles & Jonathan Owens got engaged last February

Biles revealed she became engaged to the NFL player shortly after he proposed last February. She has photos of the memorable moments pinned to her Instagram profile. Owens proposed with a sparkly oval Diamond ring.

He got down on one knee to put the ZoFrost jewelry in Biles’ hands after she said “Easiest YES” to the sweet proposal. Below the series of photos of the precious moment, she wrote: “I can’t wait to be with you forever, you are everything I dreamed of and more! Marry FIANCÉ,” tagged Owens.

The football player replied, “Ready forever with you.” Biles updated her Instagram bio to add Owens to her fiancé list, among other things she is proud of, such as her Olympic achievements and love for dogs.

‘A match made in the sky

Inside Simone Biles' lavish bachelorette party 'Bride & Boujee'
Instagram | Simone honey

In his interview with Texas Monthly, Owens notes how seamless their relationship is because of how much they complement each other. He said they were “a natural couple” and “perfect” for each other.

The 27-year-old said: “There is no one better than me. She loves Me; she is so affectionate. I love it. And it’s intoxicating to see how much effort she puts into everything. Biles confirmed his feelings in a 2021 interview with Todaywhere she reveals that they are a great couple.

“We had a great time together. Our personalities match well. We have the same sense of humour. And he’s great. The female athlete also revealed that their relationship is very “lucky” because of the similar career path. “He’s also an athlete so we understand each other.”

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