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Shocking moment OnlyFans star Astrid Wett snaps pictures of road builders sparking backlash

THIS is the shocking moment OnlyFans star Astrid Wett showed off her boobs to the masons across the street.

The famous Instagram, TikTok And YouTube star has caused outrage online for her latest antics in front of gullible workers.

Astrid Wett came to comment on her latest video


Astrid Wett came to comment on her latest videoCredit: TikTok/Astrid Wett
Astrid blinks the builders


Astrid blinks the buildersCredit: TikTok/Astrid Wett

Astridsomeone who cares Chelsea The fan, who posted the short clip to her TikTok page, wanted to “cheer on” some of the builders working behind her.

It is not clear where the footage was filmed.

As the clip begins, Astrid is standing in front of a large, half-opened window with a building in the background.

While the workers in the distance can be seen wearing yellow dangerous jackets and hard hats.

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Astrid was seen wearing a black T-shirt and tight shorts.

Then she opened more windows and yelled, “Hey, I have this for you.”

The social media then the star lifts her up while the shot zooms in on the two workers looking less than impressed with the stunt.

Astrid’s video has caused quite a stir both on TikTok, so far it has been viewed more than 257,000 times and Twitter.

The star appeared and was almost universally interested by social network users.

Aston Villa fan and political commentator Emily Hewerston retweeted the clip to her 131,000 followers and wrote: “Imagine if a man did this to a group of women…”

In response, one Twitter user posted: “Honestly, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this girl.”

Another posted: “If I attract the attention of some women and fly a helicopter in top hostels window… I’m doing time in the ffs cell.”

Other commentators called her “pathetic”.

Some people have seen the humorous side when one person wrote, “I need to be cheered too.”

A second posted: “She can come and cheer me up anytime.”

In the first day of this month, Astrid appears as a ring girl in the latest Misfits program.

Astrid appeared in the countdown before the middle event KSI and Joe Fournier.

The builders weren't too impressed by her antics


The builders weren’t too impressed by her anticsCredit: TikTok/Astrid Wett
Some commentators on social media called her 'pathetic'


Some commentators on social media called her ‘pathetic’Credit: TikTok/Astrid Wett

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