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Sharna Burgess shares her love for Australia with her son

Being a mother is something wonderful Sharna Burgess having fun and she never hesitates to let the world know by marking every milestone her son Zane achieves.

One such milestone was their recent trip to her home country of Australia, where her son has made considerable strides, leaving the dance star sentimental as she shared the news on Twitter. Instagram.

Sharna Burgess says sharing her love for Australia with her son is ‘food for the soul’

Burgess, who shares Zane with her boyfriend Brian Austin Greendid not stop falling in love with his little boy. On Instagram, she uploaded a touching video of herself and Zane rocking a blue striped jumpsuit on a beach in Australia.

roll begins with a 37-year-old woman squatting at her son’s level and upward, her son imitating her before their fingers touch each other. She was later seen throwing Zane into the air with a bright smile and kissing him on the cheek before giving him candy.

He stuffed the candy in his mouth, causing his mother to laugh, then Burgess is said to hold him to his chest and look at him with loving eyes.

The clip ends with a mother and daughter walking on the beach with a dancer guiding her son as he takes small steps between her legs. Burgess was emotional in the caption as she revealed how surprised Zane was during the trip and how important it was to share her love of the beach and Australia.

She began, “All the first things – Watching him explore (eat) the sand, the fear and surprise on his face as the waves rolled up his feet and the excitement of looking at him.” they rush further away.”

“My heart is full,” continued the choreographer. “Sharing my love of Australia and the beach with him is spiritual food for me.” Although she seems happy with her son, she misses her partner Green, with whom she looks forward to sharing memories with Zane and her stepchildren.

Before urging the baby’s father to hurry back to his hometown, she said: “A lot of fun is about to be shared, including the Australian Zoo – koalas, koalas and crocodiles. OH MY GOD.”

Burgess later revealed the conclusion that her child had repeatedly searched for her father and step-siblings when she missed them. In her words, “Zane has moments throughout the day when he looks around and gets mad. I know he’s looking for you. I can’t wait to see his face when you get here.”

Such heartfelt words captivated many fans, who commented in admiration of the duo’s sweetness. One follower partially exclaimed, “Zane is so lucky to have you as his mummy!” Another confided, “How much I love his Australia!! How wonderful. Means!!!” A third fan later noted the striking resemblance of “cute” Zane to his dad.

Sharna Burgess

Zane is growing up fast, much to the surprise of his mother, who reflected on the growth in February via an Instagram update. The “DWTS” champion revealed in her Story that the boy was able to feed himself without her help, prompting her to express mixed feelings.

“My heart tightens and hurts at the same time. Time is a thief,” she wrote before repeating the same words in another post, details her son’s life over the years. She lamented, “Time is a thief, and I am a puddle.”

Australian ballroom dancer opens up about co-parenting with her partner’s ex-wife

When the 37-year-old doesn’t talk much about her son’s amazing achievements, she shares her mixed family with the “BH90210” star.

Together raising Green’s children with his ex-wife Megan Fox has been great so far for Burgess, and she talked candidly about it earlier this month on the “Not So Hollywood Podcast.

Brian Austin Green and Sharna Burgess
Brian Austin Green – Instagram

every explosion, she commends her former partners’ ability to put their children above all else by focusing on them. She explained, “There is nothing else that needs to be considered other than creating a beautiful, healthy environment for them.”

The “DWTS Australia” judge later pointed out that although a divorce can be difficult for children, Green and his ex-wife worked hard to make their co-parenting relationship work. they become positive and loving.

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