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Sarah Hyland Serenades Wells Adams on his birthday

Sarah Hyland And Wells Adamsher husband of less than a year, had a well-deserved celebratory regimen as Adams turned a new year on Tuesday, May 16.

The couple, who got married in August 2022 after three years of engagement, are loved by social media users for their honesty in their love story.

In honor of the radio personality’s big day, Hyland excitedly shared a series of passionate tributes, showing how deeply connected they are and encouraging her followers to join the celebration. concept.

Sarah Hyland thanks her ‘Lucky Stars’ as she celebrates her ‘Favorite’ birthday

The “Blind Date” actress had only the best words for her man on his 39th birthday, and fans were overjoyed to witness the display of love. like that on social media. She shared a Instagram roll of the celebrant on the beach looking nothing but swimming trunks pouting while walking around, wine glass in hand.

Hyland showed the world how lucky she feels to have him in her life, with the clip’s soundtrack conveying her affection.

Adding more love to her tribute, she declared in the caption: “Happy birthday to the person I love most in the whole world! I wake up… EVERY morning… and thank my lucky stars for marrying you.”

She even confessed that she loves being able to “love more” Adams “every day” before concluding with, “Dear Pluto and vice versa, +1 – Happy birthday husband!!!” Not surprisingly, her followers were overjoyed to honor the celebrant, as the comments section contained lots of sweet notes.

Such a comment from Vanessa Hudgens read, “I am dead. Happy birthday @wellsadams!!!!” A second fan wrote, “I love him. Happy Birthday Wells!!!!” Likewise, a third admirer exclaimed: “Happy birthday to one of my all time favorites. Love you, @wellsadams!”

A fourth fan later expressed, “Damn – cute. Happy birthday @wellsadams,” and the fifth declared, “He’s so cute, and so are you!! Happy birthday, Wells.”

Hyland’s celebration doesn’t end there as she adds another second parcel featured a photo of the couple on a cliff by the sea in golf themed outfits and two clips of Adams playing golf.

Hyland looked amazing in cream pants, a matching beret, and a white turtleneck blouse, which complemented her beige plaid jacket. In contrast, her husband wore black pants and a fitted green shirt but opted for a black puffer jacket when he played golf.

In the caption, the 32-year-old actress wrote: “If we were penguins, I would give you a pebble (beach). Happy birthday to my only @wellsadams.”

Birthday wishes were sent almost immediately, with some comments expressing a liking for the couple’s adorable looks. “I love the look of the golf wife! Happy birthday, Wells,” one follower commented while another whispered, “You guys are so cute – happy birthday, Addams.”

A third fan then declared, “Happy birthday, Wells! Hope it’s a great day and the start of a great year!!” before the fourth wise man prayed to Adams that all his wishes “always come true”.

The “Bachelor in Paradise” alumnus definitely has the best mate ever, and he proudly testified to the truth last month via an Instagram update. He revealed that Hyland gave him a wonderful Christmas present, fulfilling his childhood wish to attend the Master’s tournament in Augusta in person.

Adams has shared high-spirited snaps from their time at Augusta, showing they had a memorable time in their lives. In the accompanying caption, he talked about how he felt about the gesture, which brought him to tears and gratitude for his “wonderful” wife.

‘Love Island’ owner’s husband marks her first birthday since marriage with gratitude

Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams

Last November, Hyland was celebrated 32nd birthday by her devoted partner, marks her first birthday since they got married. explosion reports that the “The Bachelorette” alum went all out in a thank you post, featuring an emotional note and a captivating photo of the host with him at their wedding reception.

“I am grateful for so many things in my life,” the happy husband announced in the caption. “But I am so grateful that this woman was born on this day.”

He then continued to wish him a happy birthday before once again expressing his appreciation for having such a perfect person as Hyland as his confidant.

Thousands of people were photographed with a heartfelt display as they sent their words of support to the couple and wished the “Annie” actress well.

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