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Robbers steal £12m worth of gold and other ‘high value’ loot from Toronto Airport in a spectacular, cinematic heist

THE SILVER has stolen £12 million worth of gold and other “high value” loot from Toronto Airport in a spectacular, cinematic heist.

Canadian The police rush to launch an investigation after thieves stole precious metals from the busiest part of the country airport.

Police say the booty was stolen after being unloaded from a plane


Police say the booty was stolen after being unloaded from a plane
Gold was stolen from Toronto Pearson International Airport


Gold was stolen from Toronto Pearson International AirportCredit: Alamy

The gold kept in a secure facility is in the process of being transferred Toronto Pearson International Airport.

Airports are often relied on to transport gold that has been mined in Ontario for bling lovers around the world.

But cunning scammers somehow intercepted the funds in a “high value container” on Monday night.

Thieves seized the booty from a cargo facility after it was unloaded from a plane that had landed at the airport.

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Inspector Stephen Duivesteyn told reporters: “A plane arrived at this airport in the early evening.

“According to normal procedure, the aircraft was unloaded and the cargo was transported from the aircraft to a cargo facility.”

He said the expensive loot was then robbed by “illegal means”.

Police now desperately searching for the masterminds behind the extraordinary robbery.

“This is very rare,” Duivesteyn added.

No arrests have been made and officials have not released any information about possible suspects.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) has been drafted to help assist with the investigation.

But reports claim police are investigating whether a local gang carried out the robbery, much like the plot of Hollywood blockbusters.

According to the Toronto Sun, the focus is now on organized crime operating in the area.

Investigators suspect the thieves may have escaped in a heavy truck due to the size of the item.

It remains unclear how the gold was stolen from inside the airport.

Greater Toronto Airport Authority in a brief statement: “As this is an active police investigation, we are unable to comment on this matter at this time.”

Bloomberg reported that an RCMP spokesman said: “We are still trying to get accurate information about the robbery.”

The case drew comparisons with the infamous Brinks-Mat robbery in 1983, where £26 million in gold and diamonds was stolen from a warehouse near Heathrow Airport.

Micky McAvoy And Brian Robinson led the daring attack that recently inspired a BBC TV series, Yellow.

The proceeds from the three tonnes of stolen gold – worth £100 million today – have traveled through Europe and the US, and even passed through Pablo EscobarHuge drug empire in Columbia.

Half of the gold is still missing – see some claims that anyone who has purchased gold jewelry in the UK since then can wear it Brink’s-Mat metal.

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