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Rob Dyrdek’s company sued for abusing a pregnant employee

Rob Dyrdek is being charged with abusing a pregnant employee who filed a petition sue him for sexism and harassment.

Rob Dyrdek Company caught fire

Rob Dyrdek's company sued, accused of abusing a pregnant employee

The company of former professional skateboarder Get Mindright Inc. is being dragged into litigation by a former employee, Courtney Roberson, who claims she was fired after announcing her pregnancy. In court documents obtained by The Blast, Roberson claimed through her attorney that she was placed in uncomfortable positions as a pregnant employee.

She is said to have had to “suffer illegal pay, overtime and other deplorable working conditions in violation of labor and employment laws.” She explained that she was forced to “take leave due to pregnancy and related conditions.”

This doesn’t seem to sit well with Dyrdek and collaborator Chris Bernard, who have decided to lay off employees. However, if this weren’t bad enough, the lawsuit claims that the company didn’t know Roberson was an employee and alleges that she was an “independent contractor”.

Rob Dyrdek’s ex-employee claims she’s underpaid

Rob Dyrdek's company sued, accused of abusing a pregnant employee

Roberson also claimed that Dyrdek and his team “failed to properly pay all wages and other compensation due and owed to Plaintiff.” Before being fired, Roberson claimed that she was worried about her job when she noticed that her pay “is said to have dropped by about 40%.

Dyrdek is accused of financial stunts draining Roberson in every sense of the word, “financially, physically, emotionally and spiritually”. She also testified that out of shame and humiliation about the situation she was going through, “insomnia, loss of appetite, humiliation, confusion, mental distress, stress and anxiety, stress, loss of self-esteem, fatigue, anxiety, shock, feelings of isolation and loss of joy in life.”

Finally, Roberson says she is suffering “economic damages, including past and ongoing loss of wages and other employment benefits, as well as non-economic damages, including includes pain, suffering, and mental and emotional suffering.”

Ultimately, she’s suing for more than $25,000.

What the hell is Get Mindright Inc.?

Rob Dyrdek's company sued for abusing a pregnant employee

The brand is part of Dyrdek’s initiative to help small businesses become bigger and successful businesses. He shows off his brand name on The business that Roberson is supporting is a brand of healthy snacks. It’s been described as “a brand new better-for-you snack category”.

Dyrdek and Bernard describe the company as one that wants to “create a product as nutritious as what’s currently on the market.” They brag about taking it a step further and that it helps “improve one’s brain health”.

Here is the summary of Get Mindright Inc:

“Mindright is delicious taste, good nutritional feel for a happy and healthy brain; We call it a Mood Superfood. Our products combine delicious superfoods with ancient ingredients known to improve mood, reduce stress and maintain energy levels to help you become who you are. Mindright products are all natural, plant-based, low in sugar, gluten-free, and taste too good to be good for you. Because we believe that once you get Mindright, everything else follows.”

The skateboarding legend has not yet responded to the incident.

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