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‘RHONJ’ hasn’t started filming yet, which is a bad sign for TV

Something suspicious is happening to Real Housewives of New Jersey. A little mouse said it is pausing between the feuds got worse.

‘RHONJ’ is on hiatus until further notice

Real New Jersey Housewives Melissa Gorga is seen leaving Craigs restaurant in West Hollywood

Multiple sources say the hugely popular Bravo reality TV show is having a bit of a hard time getting people to film scenes together. It was reported that the feud between Teresa Giudice and her sister-in-law Melissa Gorga got so bad that filming had to be paused to see how things went.

Based on Page Six, Bravo TV doesn’t know how to move forward because the family feud has been the source of the show’s at least for the past 11 seasons. Obviously, no one was offered a contract, but no one was fired either.

Usually for a housewife production as popular as this one, filming doesn’t stop for that long, especially after a boom season like this one. But that’s not the case here, which makes sense after the finale aired last night.

Bravo TV Filmed Teresa Giudice’s Wedding

Teresa Giudice Luis Ruelas family head to Craig apos for dinner after being excluded from prom with the Stars

The last time the entire crew had fun together, most of the crew, except for the Gorga family, was at Giudice’s wedding to Luis Ruelas. Bravo TV jumped at the opportunity to film her wedding special because Giudice was their highest earner in that series.

The cast is said to have announced that June is no longer the scheduled date for filming to begin, and they don’t know when filming will begin. Now the cast has been planning activities during their downtime to ensure that filming can no longer begin in June.

Sources claim that filming won’t begin until 2024. The women are said to be torn between welcoming the holiday and those who need the money to stay afloat. An insider shared with Page Six. “No official decision has been made on Season 14 as the final episode, Teresa and Louie’s wedding special and reunions have yet to be aired.”

‘RHONJ’ reunion is embarrassing

Andy Cohen apos's Legends Ball 2022

Since filming the reunion, Andy Cohen hasn’t stopped talking about the horrible time he filmed the reunion season 14. He even claimed that things went awry when he spoke. that Giudice was “completely insane” and “out of control”.

Apparently, she’s “crazier than ever” and “curses” a lot. Fans have seen Giudice lose control before. During one reunion, she pushed Cohen back into his seat to keep him out of the way while she was looking for another actor.

Giudice was also the one who turned the table at her daughter’s christening. At least she can lose control a bit. Giudice is said to have a “very unhappy” appearance and “angry at the world”.

Cohen, on the other hand, is said to have been “disappointed with her the whole time.” The tension was partly due to “This is the first time Teresa, Melissa and Joe [Gorga] will meet in person.

Joe and Melissa did not attend Giudice’s wedding, which fans see is coming a mile away. Jersey is one of the more popular brands, so it will be interesting to see how long this pause will last.

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