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‘RHONJ’ Dolores Catania reveals use of diabetes drug, Ozempic

Reality TV Characters Dolores Catania admitted to “joining the band” by taking anti-diabetic drugs to accelerate her weight loss goals over the past six weeks.

The “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star caused a mixed reaction from fans when she revealed it, as she noted that she prides herself on “telling the truth”.

Catania revealed that she was nervous about joining the show’s highly anticipated reunion because of the ongoing bad relationship between Melissa Gorga And Teresa Giudice.

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Dolores Catania admits to using Ozempic

Dolores Catania

Based on Page SixCatania revealed during a recent appearance on “Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen” that she has been using Semaglutide for the past six weeks to help manage her weight.

She notes that the Semaglutide she’s using is Mounjaro, which her fellow guest on the “WWHL” show, Marysol Patton, pointed out as “an improved, fast-forward version to Skinnyville .”

The 52-year-old housewife says that all of her co-stars on the show also use it, so she felt the need to join them. Catania said: “I wasn’t going to the reunion looking bigger than anyone else, so I hit the road.

Semaglutide, marketed under brands such as Ozempic, Wegovy, Mounjaro, and Rybelsus, controls high blood sugar in people with type 2 diabetes and has anti-obesity potential for long-term weight control .

Catania also says that the only side effect she has been experiencing is loss of appetite and that she prides herself on “telling the truth”.

Dolores Catania causes mixed reactions from fans

A stunning photo of Dolores Catania in a two-piece outfit paired with a black crossbody bag.
Instagram | Dolores Catania

Some fans aren’t happy when Catania uses diabetes medication to lose weight.

“It annoys me,” said one fan note. “This is a medicine for people with type 2 diabetes. My doctor wants me to take this medicine, but I can’t afford it because I have a serious shortage. These people shouldn’t take it. They don’t have to take it. It’s selfish.”

Another fan Written, “I have lost respect for Dolores – this is not okay. I don’t understand how Andy or someone else doesn’t speak up and point out that people with diabetes need it, and the ‘don’t be big’ or ‘you look so skinny’ message is 90s and horrible. terrible.

“I know one person who couldn’t buy it for her diabetes because of a shortage. This is disgusting! a nasty fan shout.

Several other fans agreed with her confession, with one noting that her honesty was “refreshing”.

A supportive fan note, “They’re on TV, being scrutinized a lot about their looks, so they’ll take weight loss peptides if they have them. Ozempic is the brand everyone knows, but other brands on the market are sold in health centers. A lot of times, it is combined with HRT for menopause.”

She Blames ‘Vanderpump Rule’ Tom Sandoval For Affair With Raquel Leviss

Elsewhere on “WWHL” with Andy Cohen, Catania played a “truth or cookie” game, where she was asked to answer “shady” random questions from the host or sip Drinks if she chooses not to answer.

She was first asked to say three nice things about Ramona Singer, but she took a sip of wine instead of answering.

Cohen then asked her who she felt was to blame for the affair between Sandoval and Raquel, to which Catania answered Sandoval.

When asked the source of her problems with Dina Cantin (formerly Manzo), she said that there were no problems, and that their friendship was just “dissipating”.

Dolores Catania dreads ‘RHONJ’ reunion

Dolores Catania

The businesswoman opened up about how she’d booked in on the much-anticipated reunion with her “Real Housewives of New Jersey” co-stars.

Catania said in a recent episode of “Attention Puh Rentals!” podcast that she was nervous about attending the reunion due to the ongoing feud between Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga.

“On a fine day, we were worried about the reunion. Worrying is one thing, but I am afraid,” she said, every Page Six.

“I think this new feud is the culmination of years of accumulation, and unfortunately, it flared up right before Teresa’s wedding,” she added. “And we just wish that hadn’t happened.”

She points out that both families will have to learn to live together and prevent things from becoming tense as the day of reunion approaches.

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