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Review The Mandalorian Season 3 Episode 6: Looking Through the Mirror

This episode is a different departure from what some might think of as “Star Wars”, but I think that just works. than like “Star Wars.” The best versions of “Star Wars” showed us something new and took us to new places to see new things. The cameos didn’t distract me, although I could see they could have gone wrong somewhere. I remember when it was announced that N’Sync could play the Jedi in the arena battle in “Attack of the Clones”, there was an uproar, but how can you resist anyone getting a chance to participate. in “Star Wars”? Besides, all the cameos here are equally interesting and wicked.

More than anything, however, this episode addressed two of the show’s key narrative questions. How can Bo-Katan get her Mandalorian team back and how does she get Darksaber back? I imagine this will lead to further complications, but I think Din Djarin made the right decision. He was defeated and she defeated the creature that did it. It was much easier than challenging them to a fight. I’m finally starting to believe that Bo-Katan doesn’t have anything nefarious up his sleeve, but is actually trying to unify Mandalore with as little bloodshed as possible.

But, as soon as I’m lulled into that sense of security, maybe that’s when I’ll be reversed next week. With the Darksaber sword back in Bo-Katan’s hands, her sight of the mythical dinosaur, and the unity of the Mandalorians, I think we’re headed for a major confrontation. However, the question remains: against whom will that confrontation be? Only two more episodes left in this season, we’ll see soon enough. I hope…

“Star Wars: The Mandalorian” streams only on Disney+. New episodes arrive every Wednesday.

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