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Reacher’s host isn’t afraid to let the actors improvise

Early in season 1 of “Reacher,” former Army cop (Alan Ritchson) and police officer Roscoe Conklin (Willa Fitzgerald) head to a bar, in a scene that functions as the couple’s first date. . And during their flirting back and forth, Random Alan Ritchson by inventing a trick whereby he used his arm to open beer. That prompted Fitzgerald to suggest her character open a beer by slamming it on the table. As she said CinemaBlend“It wasn’t written like that. I basically threw it to Nick [Santora] and he said, ‘That’s great. Do it.'”

And it turns out, that improvisational attitude is a common feature of Santora’s approach. Despite Lee Child’s unwavering commitment to the original vision, it seems the host is completely open to trying new things on set. Fitzgerald himself elaborated on that point in a separate article. interview in which she was asked about the degree of creative freedom that Santora gave her. The actor replied:

“Nick is amazing and always welcomes the collaboration. We improvised a lot on certain scenes. And I think Nick wrote all the scripts before we started shooting, but there’s definitely been changes were made while we were shooting for something that we brought in or something that we wanted to add, because we found success the way they did in other episodes.”

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