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Rays Outright Zack Burdi – MLB Commercial Rumors

Ray is right-handed Zack Burdi removed the exemptions and assigned it to Triple-A Durham entirely, according to the group’s announcement. Burdi was assigned the task earlier this week to open up a spot on the 40-man roster for right-handers. Chase Anderson.

As the White Sox’s first pick in the 2016 draft, 28-year-old Burdi has long had a premium fast ball in terms of both speed and spin, but has struggled to make it a success at Major league levels due to control issues. While his 9.3% walk rate over 20 innings 1/3 of his professional career is acceptable, Burdi’s walk rate is closer to 15% in 150 innings. at the minor league level. Furthermore, even though his moves have been controlled in his small sample at major league level, his results have remained less than spectacular, with a 6.64 career ERA in the majors. professional fight.

However, a right-hander who can opt for hotties like Burdi is sure to capture the interest of teams, making it a surprise for Burdi to successfully pass the exemptions. Burdi has less than three years of MLB service and has never been made public before in his career, meaning he has no right to turn down his assignment outright. That leaves him poised to be a higher-level relief depth for the Rays in the upcoming minor leagues this season alongside the likes of Trevor Kelley And Calvin Faucher.

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