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Rangers Release Jacob Barnes – MLB Commercial Rumors

Rangers launched a painkiller for right-handed veterans Jacob Barnes, according to the tournament trading log at He has pitched with their Triple-A branch in Round Rock but will now be free to sign with any club.

Barnes, 33, has enjoyed good results with the Rangers organization, scoring 20 thirds with a 2.21 ERA ball during his time with their Round Rock club. He has a strong 52.3% tackle rate and 0.44 HR/9 points, though his 17.5% hit rate and 10.3% walk rate are both more worrisome.

A 14th-round pick (2011), Barnes made his debut with the Brewers in 2016 and was a mainstay of their bullhead squad for three seasons, scoring 147 1/3 plays with a 3.54 ERA ball. with a 24.4% quality strike rate compared to a 9.9% walk rate increase. However, his results fell in 2019 and he has been dropped from the major six roster since leaving Milwaukee (Royals, Angels, Mets, Blue Jays, Tigers, Yankees). As of 2019, Barnes has a 6.37 ERA in 101 2/3 frames, thanks in large part to the massive 1.59 HR/9 mark.

While Barnes struggled with long balls, he averaged 95.4 mph on his heater last year, often keeping the ball on the ground at an above-average rate (49% of the time). professional) and regularly demonstrate the ability to produce shots at average or better rates. Barnes’ career 23.3% strike rate is slightly above the 2023 league average (22.7%) and his career 13.1% strike rate is higher two percentage points off the league average of 11.1%. In three separate seasons, he’s made that swing hit rate just around or even in excess of 15%, showing the potential for an above-average hit rate.

It’s been several years since Barnes hit big in the league, but this year’s ERA of 2.21 in Triple-A would be his highest in the past three seasons at that level. Between the success of the senior minors, the bullpen’s need for depth throughout the league, and Barnes’ combination of speed, sniffing, and grounding ability, he should be looking for a chance. other associations when returning to the open market.

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