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Putin ‘blows up US Patriot missile system’ defending Kyiv as vid shows sky full of missiles in ‘ruthless’ attack

CHILLING footage shows a $1.1 billion US Patriot missile system filling the sky with missiles as it defended Kyiv from an unprecedented Russian attack last night – before seems to have exploded.

Vladimir Putin is said to have targeted the advanced air defense system in Russia.’s latest “merciless” attack Ukrainian capital last night.

The sky of Kiev glowed after the fierce attack of Russian missiles


The sky of Kiev glowed after the fierce attack of Russian missilesCredit: East2West
The latest bombardment that is believed to have blown up a US Patriot missile system has proven crucial in defending the capital.


The latest bombardment that is believed to have blown up a US Patriot missile system has proven crucial in defending the capital.Credit: EAST2WEST
Chilling footage captures the heaviest air raid on Kyiv since early May


Chilling footage captures the heaviest air raid on Kyiv since early MayCredit: Reuters
Attack on Ukraine has been condemned as 'senseless and cruel'


Attack on Ukraine has been condemned as ‘senseless and cruel’Credit: East2West

longing for war Putin supposedly ordered unprecedented missile attack in a fit of rage in response to Great Britain sending “game-changing” Storm Shadow missiles to Ukraine.

The latest influx of battlefield supplies has outraged the President, with his spokesman vowing an “appropriate response”.

And he seems to have gone straight into the pipeline by destroying Kievcritical surface-to-air missile defense systems throughout the battlefield.

Patriot – which stands for Phased Array Tracking Radar for Intercept on Target – is believed to have been destroyed in the latest bombardment.

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It has proven to be an essential toolkit for Ukrainian warplanes to intercept missiles and shoot down Russia. drone “kamikaze”.

The system typically boasts a powerful radar, control station, generator, launch station and other support facilities.

It cost a whopping $1.1 billion, with $400 million for the system and $690 million for the missile in a battery, but it has given Ukraine an invaluable advantage when it comes to defending itself against threats. aerial attack.

Each missile fired from the Patriot costs about $4 million each – with footage showing dozens of rockets being launched.

That means Ukraine has to pay a huge bill in its efforts to protect Kyiv with advanced weapons systems.

Shocking video emerged showing the moment the US-supplied SAM Patriot system ran out of defensive supplies as they fought off a barrage of oncoming missiles and drones.

Several missiles can be seen rushing towards the site before a massive explosion, which is said to have destroyed the expensive Patriot system.

The statements were published on the Russian Telegram channel Military Informer. There is currently no official confirmation of the attack.

The post read: “There are many videos from Kiev showing the extremely dense batteries of the US SAM MIM-104 Patriot missile system, and as soon as the SAM missile system runs out of missiles, a huge explosion occurred at the launch site.”

Patriot is seen as an important addition to Kiev’s arsenal thanks to its ability to fend off Russian air aggression.

The report says it’s recent Successfully shot down Russian Kinzhal “unstoppable” – or Dagger – supersonic rocket for the first time.

It marked a historic moment in the war when Ukraine’s military leaders were unsure whether the Patriot could take down that powerful missile.

Russia is said to have intended to detonate American-made artillery with missiles, but the plan seems to have backfired.

It is feared that the defense of the capital of Ukraine could collapse if the indispensable mobile air defense system is torpedoed.

The latest artillery attack on Kyiv has been called “meaningless and cruel” by pro-Russian war blogger Anatoly Shariy.

City official Serhiy Popko said the nighttime flash floods from the north, south and east were “exceptional in density”.


“The maximum number of rockets was fired at the city in the shortest amount of time,” he said.

“This time, the enemy launched a complex attack in different directions using UAVs, cruise missiles and possibly ballistic missiles.

“According to preliminary information, the majority of enemy targets in the Kiev airspace have been detected and destroyed.”

The Solomyansky district, where Kiev’s international airport is located, is believed to be the worst affected.

Mayor Vitali Klitschko said rocket debris fell on central districts, including the city’s zoo, but no animals or workers were injured.

He urged Ukrainians in a Telegram message: “Stay in shelters!”

The relentless shelling resulted in a fire breaking out in a non-residential building in the county, which was later extinguished.


This is the eighth major air strike on Kyiv since early May – and the most intense.

Horror photos show buildings, cars, buildings and infrastructure being devastated as explosions erupt across the city.

The attacks occurred as Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky returned to Kiev from a four-country European tour with You are his last stop.

He secured commitments on air defense systems, attack drones and armored vehicles from allies.

Moscow was angered by Britain’s supply of missiles, but Putin’s spokesman said it would “not affect” the course of the war.

However, he warned it would “lead to retaliatory actions by the Russian Federation”.

Russian forces claim to have shot down one of the British-supplied Storm Shadow long-range missiles, but the US National Security Council’s Strategic Communications Coordinator John Kirby said: “I cannot confirm. receive those reports.”

The Rage of Russia

Russian Ambassador Andrei Kelin claimed that British-supplied weapons are being used by Ukraine to target civilians in the Donbass.

But Britain is understood to have received assurances that the missile will only be used in Ukraine.

Ukraine has been asking for long-range missiles for months, but support provided by Britain and other allies such as the United States has previously been limited to short-range weapons.

The world is waiting Kiev’s long-awaited counterattack – with hints they can launch a big campaign and even pushed into Crimea.

Brave soldiers held back the much larger Russian army as the winter-long war turned into a bloody stalemate.

Heroic President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskiy however said they need more time to prepare before attacking again.

Russia invaded Ukraine last February – a conflict that has turned into a fierce and brutal war.

It is believed that nearly 200,000 Russian soldiers were killed during Putin’s failed invasion.

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And millions of Ukrainian civilians endured countless sufferings when the Russians robbed their homes and left cities devastated.

Despite the bloodshed, Kiev stood firm against the Russians with backing from the West.

Putin seems to have hit back at Ukraine's support from allies by removing Patriot


Putin seems to have hit back at Ukraine’s support from allies by removing PatriotCredit: East2West
Solomyansky district is said to be the worst affected


Solomyansky district is said to be the worst affectedCredit: East2West
The crews fought to put out the fierce flames that broke out as a result of the attacks


The crews fought to put out the fierce flames that broke out as a result of the attacksCredit: East2West

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