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Princess Charlene and Prince Albert of Monaco wore the same outfit when they first appeared with twins

PRINCESS Charlene and Prince Albert of Monaco make their first public appearance with their twin children since the palace was rocked by divorce rumors.

mother of two children Thai Trac NghienThe 45-year-old was seen hugging Prince Jacques, 8, with the other hand around Princess Gabriella’s shoulder as the family attended an event. Rugby tournament in the small principality.

Prince Albert, Princess Charlene and their two children appeared in public


Prince Albert, Princess Charlene and their two children appeared in publicCredit: Getty
They appeared at a rugby tournament in Monaco


They appeared at a rugby tournament in MonacoCredit: Getty
French media reported that Charlene had problems with Albert


French media reported that Charlene had problems with AlbertCredit: Getty

Charlene elegantly wore a matching white shirt and trousers, complete with a navy blue blazer embroidered with the logo of the Sainte Devote Rugby Club being held at Monaco.

She adorned the look with red lipstick and fingernails along with stylish sunglasses to shield herself from the Mediterranean sun.

Her husband of 12 years, Prince Albert, 65, wears smart pants with a red tie and white shirt.

The Royal the couple wore matching blazers, following rumors of an alleged royal split.

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Their children were seen excitedly watching football, at one point Jacques cheered and raised his hand.

Charlene seemed comfortable chatting with some of the young rugby players before the game while she held the game ball.

It comes just weeks after it was reported that Princess Charlene and Prince Albert were in the process of divorcing.

These reports in the French publication Royalaute have been strongly denied by the palace so far.

A royal spokesman said the couple “officially denied the malicious rumors spread by the magazine”.

The pair have appeared together at a number of events in recent weeks, including a memorial service for Prince Rainier, Albert’s late father, earlier this month.

Tsai was spotted on a solo trip to Milan last month without her wedding ring, although she was later seen wearing a wedding ring on her finger after returning to Monaco to attend the awards ceremony with her husband.

Prince Albert recently appeared without his wife at the Rose Ball in Monaco this past week.

Albert, son of the late Princess Grace Kelly, whose marriage to the Grimaldi Royal shocked the world, seemed to dismiss the split rumors as he told Hello! magazine about how his wife was heavily involved in restoration work at the royal palace.

He said: “Princess Charlene is delighted and happy that we were able to make this work.”

South Africa-born Charlene married Albert in 2011 in a £53m ceremony that has been dubbed ‘the biggest party in 55 years’.

The prince proposed with a stunning ring designed by Paris-based Italian jeweler Repossi, featuring a handcrafted pear-shaped diamond surrounded by smaller diamonds .

During the ceremony, they exchanged 18-carat white gold platinum rings by Cartier.

Former Olympic swimmer Charlene was seen smiling as she slipped the ring onto her husband’s finger.

At the time, some of the French press referred to her as the “Runaway Bride” for allegedly attempting to flee before the ceremony.

However, these reports were also strongly denied at the time.

More shocking reports emerged last year claiming that Charlene was paid by her husband to appear alongside him at royal events.

A sensational report by the French media voice claims Charlene is being paid “12 million euros [£10.2m] per year” to fulfill her role of spouse, as part of an “extremely secretive contract” she would make her husband sign.

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rival publications Paris match Belgium also reported that Albert “will pay a decent amount of money to the princess himself to have her appear beside him at public events”.

The royal family in Monaco does not receive a salary, meaning the princess is most likely dependent on her billionaire husband.

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