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Pitch Notes: Suarez, Sanmartin, Wood, Fried

In terms of some of the Braves’ other talented arms and pitching prospects, Smith-Shawver shone at High A, but after his promotion to AA, he wasn’t as dominant as before. He’s been pitching fine, but hopefully it’s just some nervousness at first and he can get back to as dominant as he once was. Smith-Shawver really has a TOR counter-type, and if he continues to follow this trajectory, he could be an option for the Braves at some point next season.

JR Ritchie has some of the most dominant things in the system and he has an incredibly bright future ahead of him. So far this season, Ritchie has been nothing short of amazing, with just one minor glitch, and dealing left and right attacks. Unfortunately, however, he recently had to leave the final match due to a shoulder problem… So that doesn’t seem to be very good news, and he may have to take a break. fight for a while. It could very well be a huge setback for Ritchie, who increasingly looks like some sort of future dominant TOR initiator.

Former first-rounder Owen Murphy is generally pretty good, but he’s been a bit erratic lately and is having a hard time with his command. Hopefully he can come back, tweak the ship, and continue to look like a future fixture at the Braves stables.

Cole Phillips, the talent arm of their High School Round 2, just hit the field in a simulation game today for the first time since he was injured, and appeared to have hit 99 mph. now, hit one side in the first round, and then go on to collect two more Ks in his second and final round. Either way, it’s some great news for Phillips and the report comes from his dad’s Twitter, with a short video, so it seems like a pretty reliable

Maier went out with no idea what was going on, and Burkhalter will be out for the year with TJ surgery.. Also, both Keller and Shoemaker are looking good and have been doing well so far. this season.. The Braves also have a few other young pitchers trying to make a name for themselves with international signings, but I’m not familiar with those prospects, so anyone still reading this are all related to those people in their own way…lol

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