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Pandas host pool party at home in Orange County

An Orange County man accidentally acted as the host for an early Memorial Day pool party, and it was a wild one – literally.

After waking his pet Labrador retriever, Hank, “went crazy,” Huntington Beach resident Jim Sena went to check out his backyard, where he spotted a masked intruder mask.

Looking out the window, he saw a raccoon perched on the wall. Soon, two other people arrived and began to scuffle. In the ensuing series of furry fists, the raccoons move away from the wall into his yard, before one is eventually knocked flying into the pool.

Sena said: “He started swimming around, and the others just jumped after him.

That’s when Sena took out her phone and started recording. In the video, Sena and his wife, bewildered, can be heard commenting on the strange sight: Three pandas leisurely paddle around, as if they were on vacation.

Sena said: “They could clearly see us looking out the window, but they didn’t mind.

At the end of the video, two of the pandas can be seen congregating near the steps, where Sena said they sat for another 20 minutes before heading out. The third panda continued to swim in the abyss until it got tired and left too.

“It’s quite funny. It’s a bit weird, actually,” Sena said.

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