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Overwatch’s story deserves better – GameSpot

This week Blizzard announced that it is removed the eagerly awaited PvE element of Overwatch 2: Hero Missions. These replayable, story-driven missions will utilize the Talent System, in which Heroes will level up and gain access to new abilities. While PvE elements and quests will appear as seasonal content, a lot of the Overwatch community is not happy with the mode’s complete removal, with many suggesting ‘2’ in Overwatch 2 was suspended on the game’s PvE.

In this week’s Spot On, Lucy and Tam discuss the ways multiplayer games have tried, succeeded, and failed to tell impactful stories, and suggested ways the Overwatch 2 team has can explore storytelling in the future.

Spot On is a weekly news program that airs on Fridays in which GameSpot managing editor Tamoor Hussain and senior producer Lucy James talk about the latest in-game news. With the huge video game industry’s very dynamic and never-ending news cycle, there’s always something to be said but, unlike most other news shows, Spot On will dive into one topic instead of summarizing all the news. Spot On airs every Friday.

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