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One person was knocked unconscious during a fan brawl outside Dodger Stadium

A scuffle involving multiple people outside Dodger Stadium left one person unconscious and authorities said neither side was cooperating with police.

The fight broke out outside the center entrance on Tuesday after the Dodgers lost to the Minnesota Twins. A mobile phone video captured several people punching each other shortly after 10 p.m. as fans left the stadium.

Many people seem to have joined the fray, was first reported by KTLA-TV Channel 5. The video shows a crowd forming around those exchange shots.

A man in a dark shirt appears to have punched another man in a Clayton Kershaw jersey, who then fell – slamming him on the back of the head to the ground with a loud thud. Then another man ran to his aid and examined his head.

In the video, Dodger Stadium staff can be seen walking around the scene while keeping their distance.

Johnathon Lopez, 18, witnessed the altercation and said it appeared the person lying on the ground had lost consciousness. Within minutes, an LAPD officer arrived and arrested a man, Lopez said. The man lying on the ground was carried on a stretcher.

“It seems some people got drunk or really got drunk,” said Lopez, who attended the match with about 60 family members to celebrate a visit to the home of a cousin from the Air Force. US army.

Los Angeles Police Department Cmdr. German Hurtado confirmed that one man was detained and another received medical treatment.

“They don’t want to accuse each other,” he said.

According to the LAPD, neither party to the war is willing to cooperate with the police. The Dodgers declined to comment on the incident.

Lopez said the fight appeared to have started when the two men bumped into each other as they walked out of the stadium.

“It’s really embarrassing because they are adults who are acting inappropriately,” Lopez said. “The stadium should probably come up with some rules that don’t allow people to drink near time to go home, so they can at least stay sober.”

This is not the first time a fight has broken out between fans after a game at Dodger Stadium.

San Francisco Giants fan shot dead Dodger Stadium parking lot in September 2003.

In 2011, two men got into a fight Huge fan of Bryan Stow was so severe that he went into a coma and suffered permanent brain damage. The Dodgers Organization has been found partly responsible for his injuries.

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