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Netflix will now charge you for sharing your password

Of course, Netflix is ​​trying to stay afloat for the time being particularly unstable time for the streaming age, and their moderators seem to think this new plan will work. During a quarterly earnings call cited by Variety, Netflix co-CEO Greg Peters said he expects some subscribers to cancel initially to meet the policy, as they did with other subscribers. previous price hike. However, he seems to anticipate Netflix users joining in. He said that some secondary users “are viewing many of our programs as a normal premium account, and those are very likely to convert” to the new payment model.

But what about people like my mother, who use my Netflix even though it’s far away but rarely and only when I’m not using our one-screen plan? The decision may have business implications, but it doesn’t seem particularly fair for families (like mine) including some who sign up to live alone. It looks like this could be the starting point for the end of special Netflix user profiles — once touted as a major perk for streamers — as we know it.

Netflix is ​​said to have warned shareholders that subscriber growth is likely to take a hit in the short term as a result of this announcement, but pointed to Canada as one example of where plans to add members have relatively successful. The Netflix email doesn’t indicate when additional users will have to pay $7.99 or resume their fun, but does ask account holders to double-check which devices they’re signed in on.

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