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My landlord makes a ridiculous request for a routine property inspection – everyone says the same

A 5-year-old mother was left devastated after her landlord presented a list of “crazy” requirements that had to be completed before a routine check-up.

The woman, from Victoria, Australiawas outrageously assigned a meticulous 32-point plan cleaning and clean up her house home page.

The mother-of-five was given a long list of tasks by her landlord


The mother-of-five was given a long list of tasks by her landlordCredit: Getty – Contributor
The ludicrous claims were made by tenants who claimed the landlord was overzealous prior to the routine inspection.


The ludicrous claims were made by tenants who claimed the landlord was overzealous prior to the routine inspection.Credit: Facebook

She was stunned by the strict instructions, even ridiculously suggesting to “clean the carpet professionally”.

The brood has been warned that the property must be “generally clean and tidy with everything in its proper place.”

The confused mother questioned whether her landlord was serious about bad requests, so she moved on to another question. renter for advice.

She shared the list she received privately Facebook group, ask everyone if this is typical of a standardized test above asset.

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In a post titled ‘What to expect during a routine check’, Australians wanted to find out if this was ‘normal’. report.

The woman wrote: “It seems like a very long list. I have five young children and my house is not for show.”

It details the tasks she should spend time in each room, which requires the mother to scrub, dust, and disinfect until the place is clean.

To add to the pressure, the woman said she was told the test had been moved to the next day instead of next week as originally scheduled.

That means the mom somehow needs her house to look clean by “9 a.m. tomorrow” – when she only has 14 hours left to do it.

She was left with the impossible challenge of cleaning the house from top to bottom, not missing a corner.

The list informed her that she had to “clean all ventilation fans throughout the property”, wash the walls with sugar soap, and spray the fly screens with a hose.

Other silly requests included turning on the oven, dusting off the tops of cabinets, “thoroughly” cleaning the window grooves, and removing any particles of mold from the grout in her bathroom.

The mother also sternly states that “all trash cans must be emptied and cleaned”.

Additionally, the tenant said the landlord “strongly recommends” that the dirty carpets be “professionally cleaned” prior to inspection.

The listing states: The purpose of a routine inspection is to accurately report back to the owner on the condition of the property and whether maintenance or improvements are needed.

“During the check, it was important to us that we respect your privacy and enjoyment of quiet.

“However, as part of the inspection process, we will be required to inspect the cabinet and make sure there are no leaks or hazards.

“To ensure that routine checks are successful with positive feedback, we encourage you to take some time to make sure you’ve cleaned the following areas.”

The list of unbelievable orders was condemned by tenants, who saw it as more of a “clean exit” than a quick clean-up.

One said: “The bins need to be emptied and washed? What do you do if your bin is full and there’s no emptying date in a few days? This is crazy.”

Another wrote: “That’s ridiculous. They’re there to check out houses that aren’t people’s belongings, they don’t belong to the owners of the house.”

A third added: “That’s ridiculous, I have one too. I’m a cleaner and expected it to end on a clean lease/bond not a standard check.”

And a fourth man chimed in: “This is pretty much what most real estate companies are sending out right now. Clean bonds for simple checking.”

Others pointed out that it’s not fair for landlords to change check-in dates at the last minute.

Based on Consumer Affairs VictoriaLandlords must give “appropriate” notice to tenants that they will be entering the property.

A general inspection requires at least seven days’ notice.

Tenants have the full right to refuse entry if they do not receive written notice, if notice is not given “correctly” and if a general inspection has been carried out in the past six months.

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