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MLB Trade Rumors Podcast: Rays, Angels, Prospect Promotion

MLB Trade Rumors Podcast Relaunched! Simon Hampton is now your host, and we’re excited to bring you new shows every week.

Episode 2 is available now on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and wherever you get your podcasts! Make sure you also sign up; Use this link to find the above program Spotify And this for Apple. You can also use music player at this link to listen, if you don’t use Spotify or Apple for podcasts.

This week, host Simon Hampton joins Steve Adams to discuss a variety of topics in the world of baseball:

  • A look back at the Rays’ gripping start to the season and why they impressed (1:03)
  • EQUAL Grayson Rodríguez launched for Orioles, Taj Bradley called up to the Rays, and a host of other highly regarded young players who have made their mark on the season, let’s see if the new top prospect’s duty time rules work. no fruit (7:47)
  • The Angels have had a solid start to the season, and with a deeper roster and a promising rotation, will this be their last year back in the knockout stages? Or will their bullpen keep them? (13:21)

In addition, we answer your questions, including:

  • Who will be the surprise sellers on the deadline, and who are the surprise players who might be ready? (18:33)
  • To be Gary Sanchez the answer to provide a little more buzz in the Giants lineup? (23:08)
  • how will Francisco Alvarez What to do with the Mets? Will he try to get into the starting lineup on a regular basis, or will the Mets end up sending him back to Triple-A and bringing in an outside catcher? (25:55)

The intro and ending song to the podcast “So Long” is provided with permission from the band Showoff. Check out their Facebook page This!

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